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Joy is a philosopher,  a scientist and a civic leader who is dedicated to healing the civic heart by troubleshooting real life human problems to transform them into opportunities to get better results in the community. 

Since 2010, Joy’s focus has been criminal justice and civic systems reform for she saw it was creating civic trauma.

She volunteered to serve as President of the Restorative Community Coalition – to diagram why mass incarceration was compelling social destruction, and what would it take to change it.

1) Troubleshoot problems in the real situations

2) Finds and publishes solutions that work better

3)  Then engages the civic leaders in dialogs to inspire them to change habits and systems themselves

 Spreading Peace in 2020
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When Joy sees a problem – she practices civic leadership!

2019 –  Joy ran for Whatcom County Sheriff in 2019 

The Joy Method is a philosophy, a science and a series of innovative achievement tools
to help leaders manage intense change under pressure in real time.
Joy developed her models and tools in the field working in multiple industries over 40 years in business.
Her specialty is troubleshooting and working hands on with people doing tough things for the betterment of humanity!

First Joy did her research:

  • In 2010 – Joy  stood up to reverse mass incarceration!
  • 2015- Joy was a candidate for Whatcom County Executive
  • In 2015 and 2017 Joy lead public action to reject sales Taxes!

Joy Gilfilen shares her knowledge with
top trainers and leaders in free enterprise!

She wrote and published her master key as a chapter titled:
“Quantum Leadership Using the Natural Change Model”
in this field guide co-authored by
Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington!

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