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2020 Series starting in August!

Transforming Fear into Courageous Action


Read her articles
and access charts, tools
and  resources
developed after years
of visionary leadership work

“Quantum Leadership Using the Natural Change Model”
is the chapter authored by Joy Gilfilen published in this book with a team
of co-authors led by entrepreneurial coaches Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington!

Watch for “The Joy Methods Programs” coming soon!

The Joy Method is a philosophy, a science and a series of innovative achievement tools
to help leaders manage intense change under pressure in real time.
Joy developed her models and tools in the field working in multiple industries over 40 years in business.
Her specialty is troubleshooting and working hands on with people doing tough things for the betterment of humanity!

Teaming up the Joy Riders
Spreading Peace in 2020
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Joy demonstrates Civic Leadership
when a job needs to be done!