Life is Love – A Poem by Joy

Life is Love by Joy Gilfilen

Life is love
Love is life
With the one
there is the other

So wake up now
Its time to shine
Its time to find
Your love entwined

Without life there is no love
Without love there is no life
We’re dead inside
No pulse – no light – a dark void

Life is love
Love is life
With the one
There is the other

So Wake up now
Its time to shine
Its time to find
Your love entwined

Its time to light our fire
Add the breeze
To turn it higher

Its time to risk
To put it up
Its time for change
For love to live

So wake up now
Its time to shine
Its time to find
Our love entwined

Lets together
Ignite the flame of life
the desire to live
Our lives to give

Life is love
Love is life
With the one
There is the other

(c) Joy Gilfilen 2011

Leverage Your Power of Achievement Using the Joy Triangle Model – Free Teleseminar!

We all know we are experiencing high levels of stress in business today, and there are many challenges ahead. To thrive we need adaptability tools.

Come discover a simple, emotional conditioning tool for managing your power as a leader. You will learn how to transform de-constructive fear-manipulated, chaotic and reactive energy into joy-inspired, cohesive and resourceful energy to achieve quality performance results.

Learning how to ‘flip your switch’ allows you to handle pressure, stress and people in an all new, refreshing way!

The Joy Triangle Model can be used immediately and quickly:

• Find traps in thinking, which allows you to break self-destructive patterns in groups and organizations and replace them with constructive ones
• Do motivational and visionary coaching of employees and colleagues
• Build self-reliance and inspire action
Resolve conflict and promote vitality
• Inspire fresh initiative, empower community and entrepreneurial collaboration
• Spark social, institutional and economic change conversations
• Encourage people to team up, to thrive and to work together to heal the planet

In this free downloadable teleseminar, you will learn about the power of fear as a destructive emotion. And you will learn surefire ways to redirect that emotion with rich creative passion to create the power of joy energy.

Joy is the rush of energy that is released through your physical system that you often feel when the culmination of anticipation is fulfilled! We can fuel this potential joy by feeding our desire to strive to build, lead or innovate. The tension of striving is anticipatory, the filfillment comes when an anticipation is met, and the joy is felt when energy cascades through the system bringing life, vitality and rich emotional nourishment into your cells!

In this free introductory call to the Joy Triangle Model, you will first notice, then briefly practice turning on your “inner joy generator”. You will discover your own inner wiring system and that you can control your levels of joy. You will discover how you can ‘flip the switch’ on your sensory awareness system so you can turn yourself on to reading and working with your inner joy power. Joy will talk you through it so you can notice you do actually control the switch. It is inside your heart, inside your brain and inside your neuronet. While it may have been buried underneath emotional rubble, you can choose to reawaken it and to feel or not.

Then Joy will show you how you can intentionally flip your switch off and on. You will begin to notice and learn how to identify common stories around fear that destroy joy and that takes us habitually out of the game of life, out of the game of joyful living. Then you will discover five maximum impact, high leverage techniques to redirect your energy to achieve results faster. and you will get a poster giving you a visual roadmap to follow and use like an emotional gyroscope.

Using the visual cue, having a context to use the model, and then mastering these five techniques will help you become emotionally self-reliant and mentally stronger and more capable in all arenas of your life.

What is even more fun is that you can do this for yourself, for your family, even in your company or in community groups. For joy energy is infectious and contagious in a very good way – it makes you and people around you happy!

This is a truly free link to the Vital Joy Radio Show called “Leverage your Power of Achievement using the Joy Triangle Model”! no strings attached.

When you click on this link, it will include:
1) the downloadable recording that you can listen to, and in this recording you will
2) receive an excercise you can do yourself where you notice that you have a sensory awareness system and an “Inner Joy Generator” to work with
3) the demonstration about the five techniques for how you can quickly flip your own switch at any time
4) a link to the PDF of the Joy Triangle Model poster that you can use as a ‘quick reference’ anytime.
5) A special offer to join a full 5-week coaching series to do personal group coaching with Joy starting in October, 2011 that will include a digital e-playbook and a copy of a 45 minute downloable educational DVD, “Flipping the Joy Switch”.
6) The opportunity to subscribe to all of Joy’s newsletters that are about emotional resilience coaching programs, leadership development programs and to learn about the social media platform for intentional change.

So with this one click, you can put the Joy Triangle Model principles and philosophies together with the emotional resilience coaching and adaptability tools and get to work immediately changing your life and the lives of those around you. Then, you can choose what your next step is. It is simple, Click Now, and discover real joy – inside and out! I promise that your level of joy will increase even now, knowing that your free Joy Triangle Model audio is on its way!

Restorative Business:

At the beginning of last year I had absolutely no interest in anything I am writing about in this article – I thought it had nothing at all to do with business, or my personal life really. Today I am the President of the Whatcom County ReEntry Coalition because I have learned that this issue is one of three core issues at the root of dysfunction in business, in our society, in virtually everything we do.

Back then, I was living my life rather in a ‘glass bubble’  looking out at the sea of life around me, rather insulated from the social decay issues that I could see but did not feel.

Today, I realize that the way we deal with ‘justice’  is probably the most significant problem we have locally and in America – in business, in politics, in our families, everywhere.  The problems that stem from our attitudes around this have become insidious in our lives…they are a no-seeum that leads to plausible deniability…but that doesn’t mean it disappears.

I believe we, the people of America, are on a collision course with the self-destructive structural patterns we have unwittingly set up to dominate and abuse us – all of us.  It is time for a change.  Here is an article that I just submitted to the Bellingham Herald Letters to the Editor.  I believe that this problem is sucking vitality right out of our community…and until we have the courage to have this conversation transparently, all the other political issues will pale in comparable impact.

The good news is that there are many solutions...all we have to do is know that we need them…and then take appropriate action.

My Letter To The Editor:

A few months ago, when talking to county officials, I realized the size of the mess we’re all in. As a businesswoman and Mom it would be irresponsible for me to spend 70% of my budget continually locking my family in boxes, then levying financial penalties on them when they have no money.  Adding restrictions and locking them up again when they fail doesn’t work.  It’s illogical and unsustainable.

Yet, this is effectively what we’re doing in our County. Currently 70% of your tax dollars go directly to pay for law and justice.  Yet the victims are not healed.  Plus, 80% of the people in our jail are essentially non-functional citizens – they are illiterate, homeless, mentally ill or dealing with addictions.

To me its systemic failure: Our tax dollars promote addiction, co-dependency and systemized abuse patterns; the ripple effect has our middle class in economic bondage.

It’s a no-win. (Sidenote:  It doesn’t have to be that way.) How to break the cycle?  Intentionally change course. Build a better vision and a diversified community business model that works.  Innovate. Support job reskilling, restorative justice, cooperation, recovery, functional literacy, sustainability, and economic revitalization.

You are invited to come talk about this with us at the ReEntry Coalition’s public forums:

  • Thursday, August 25, and Thursday, Sept 22nd – at 7 PM  at St. Luke’s Community Center, 3333 Squalicum Parkway, Bellingham.

Then, YES! Magazine and my company, are co-sponsoring an event to raise awareness and money for the Whatcom County ReEntry Coalition.  The founders vision of building a ReStoreALife Center to inspire social change in a highly functional way I think is laudable.  I am doing everything in my power to support it.

I would invite all people from the community who are solution oriented and focussed on life-enhancing actions to please join us:

Community Opportunities Mastermind

and Concert Celebration of Community

(with Shawn Gallaway and Conscious Music!)

October 1, 2011 at the Bellingham High School.

We are inviting endorsements, Exhibitors and Sponsorships as well as philanthropic donations.  The Coalition is a 501C3 organization and does alot of prevention and functional literacy training and support work for the community.

Leadership Calls for Intentional Change

The CCN Article about “In economic turmoil, US needs a leader like Churchill” caught my attention.  He has a point – and I think he is missing the greater story here.  We need a vision that is bigger than ourselves – one that challenges all of us to stop being victims and to become leaders ourselves.

In my opinion, the real question of leadership is that it is time to create Intentional Change:

  • It is the time in history is to notice the self-destructive nature of the duality and drama  game.  What’s the replacement?
  • It is time to start looking 100 years down the road to see the legacy and the state of the world we all are collectively leaving our children.  What’s our highest hope?
  • It is time for Americans (and all of us in our communities) to make an intentional choice to accept the challenge of figuring out how we can each help change the course of human history.  What can we do individually and as part of a collective?
  • It is time to notice that our self-destructive habits of game, blame, shame, and overconsumption are just habits.  Whether we are part of the media, the political process, the bureaucracy, the prison cycle, the religious positioning, the entertainment, consumerism and economic games – we can change our habits of emotional and physical domination and waste. What can we do to flip consumption into revitalization?
  • It is time to notice that regardless of all the perceived roles we play,  we are simply humans who depend on our earth for our very life.  We love, we care, we want to take pride in who we are, what we have to give.  We want to be appreciated for doing the best we know how to do. We want the best for our families.  How can we get that without harming others?

We have never before been here at this time in history.  We have a great deal of challenges ahead – both manmade and physical.  What we do today really does make a difference.

I believe it is time to intentionally decide to reinvent all the infrastructures that don’t work.  We must redesign unsustainable business, political and social practices.  We must learn how to forgive ourselves (and each other) for all the ‘stupid’ things we may have done over the years. Often, we did not know, or did not stop to think through the consequences.

Today, we know the damage we are causing.  At this point it is time to break the cycles.

I have learned that the greatest question I can ask is:  “How can we, as a collective group of people, unite creatively?”

  • Why not share our wisdom and knowledge across sectors, and help us all figure out how to regenerate and rebuild our human world to be more life-enhancing?
  • Why not invent new ways of social discourse so that we can help us all learn how to restore honor, dignity and vitality to each person so each of us is able to contribute our greatest gift to the community?
  • Why not stop pretending that we are separate from, better than or less than the world around us?  Let’s appreciate that our very cells are made up of the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the minerals we consume in our food supply.  We are recycled elements of this earth connected through life force energy.
  • Why not begin to appreciate that we each truly are part of a living, systemically interconnected organism.  We each can ‘feel in our bones’  the harm that we are doing to this earth.  We can change.

It is time we behaved as life-enhancing, honorable organisms who love deeply.   It is time for our inner leadership skills to be born.  We can do it.  The resources and tools are here.  Let’s use them.

I have done my best to bring forth a platform to help each one of you bring your skills and gifts to the table.  You are invited to join me and other trailblazers and pioneers at to start blogging for change.  You can help us form the future of the website.  It isn’t perfect…but it is what I have been able to do so far.

Community Opportunity Conference and Funding Vitality Concert

Heads Up!  Quick announcement that the Community Opportunity Conference and Funding Vitality Concert will be held Oct. 1, 2010 in Bellingham, WA.  This is an all day event at  Bellingham High School, benefiting the Whatcom County ReEntry Coalition and their vision of a ReStoreALife Center!  This center is focused on job reskilling, sustainable business and collaborative enterprise, functional literacy and tapping into the creative potential of a community and its people! Initially cosponsored by, we will be seeking additional sponsors and endorsers.  More to come soon, as we get details on speakers, seminars sessions and performers!

BALLE – Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

I just attended the BALLE International sustainable business conference here in Bellingham.   I grew up as a farm kid and moved to the city – but all along I have been an entrepreneur, and in a way an hold hippie with organic wild crafted food supplements being at the root of my business success for many years. What is interesting is to see the diversity and the multi-discipline mix of people here working on food supply, holistic health, and local economic issues.  It was delightfully progressive.  I enjoyed meeting a solid mix of real sincere and hard working people talking about ecology, free enterprise, social justice, social change, and more.   Check them out at

An Article about how to ReThink our Penal System in Whatcom County

Check out these Whatcom Watch articles. Lisa McShane put together an article about the jail issues we are facing in Whatcom County. And then read my peice about what we could do to help us all restore and revitalize our communities from the inside out.

This Taurus the Bull is ready for Conscious Change!

I am putting my friends on notice. There was a red flag on the world stage tonight that just awoke the ire of Taurus the Bull in me. I am calling foul, and I am in motion.

I am right now asking for other honorable entrepreneurs to consider stepping up to the plate with me to call for a ‘Free Enterprise Council of Honor’ to help us all make things right in this world. Exactly what that means yet, I do not know…but I will know shortly. I think it is time that we stepped up to do business on behalf of our earth…which we depend upon for our very life. I will be asking for funding, for commitments, for action. I will make it a key part of our movement for conscious change at

The red flag that crystallized it for me? A (CNN) headline article: “Despite Gulf Oil Spill, Rig Owner Executives get Big Bonuses”.

The article starts off with: Declaring 2010 “the best year in safety performance in our company’s history,” Transocean Ltd., owner of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig that exploded, killing 11 workers, has awarded its top executives hefty bonuses and raises, according to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

That includes a $200,000 salary increase for Transocean president and chief executive officer Steven L. Newman, whose base salary will increase from $900,000 to $1.1 million, according to the SEC report. Newman’s bonus was $374,062, the report states.

Newman also has a $5.4 million long-term compensation package the company awarded him upon his appointment as CEO in March 2010, according to the SEC filing.

The latest cash awards are based in part on the company’s “performance under safety,” the Transocean filing states.
“Notwithstanding the tragic loss of life in the Gulf of Mexico, we achieved an exemplary statistical safety record as measured by our total recordable incident rate and total potential severity rate,” the SEC statement reads. “As measured by these standards, we recorded the best year in safety performance in our Company’s history.”

This is simply nuts. It defies logic and common sense. Why is the money going to these Executives when it could be going into healing the wounds, the waters, the people and the animals of the Gulf? There was a major injury that happened in the gulf, and rewarding the executives of the company with money like this is simply out of bounds. If it technically isn’t, it certainly should be. And if I am out of bounds in my thinking, please feel free to speak up.

It is time for all of us to start thinking about conscious change and honoring our earth first. We depend on her for our very life.

Waking the Tiger – Healing Trauma

This book is fascinating to me – for it puts my mind to rest about why so many people have a hard time changing course in life. By Peter Levine – a real practical guy who has gotten to the root of it in my opinion.

What terrific work, and a blessing to anyone who wants to change their life for good…and doesn’t want to spend thousands of hours crying about all the miseries of it.

It has been a source of deep research for me over the years, as I have watched people get stuck in a rut they don’t want to be in, yet they cannot seem to change no matter how hard they try. Something happens, the pressure builds, and they cave in, and revert to old patterns. Why? This book answers a lot of the questions for me…and I think it should be required reading for anyone committed to honest transformation. It will save you hours and hours of therapy.

Think First: Committees and War?

Ben, a friend of mine, recently posted to the web that “A war waged by committee, is a war already lost.” Please notice your original reaction to this comment. Did you automatically agree or disagree with this statement? I invite you to Think First! We all tend to make presumptions or assumptions – often before ever noticing our pre-concieved beliefs and judgments that influenced our opinion.

In this time of great confusion and fear mongering, it is essential to learn to think for yourself. Think Fresh. Think First. My reply to him was this:

On the surface this sounds good, and I invite you to think much deeper, my friend.

1) There is no war that was not created in the first place by a committee. And…on top of that, what do all the generals and officers do but meet and do things by committee in their strategy sessions? The head dude simply declares it so…and then, and only then does everyone else get killed.

2) Every war is lost when it starts, and then we all lose, regardless of who wins. The ‘committee’ part is a red herring. There is truly no win to war, ever. Lives of precious children, parents, and relatives are lost. This scars families – which impacts others lives multi-fold over many generations into the future. Land is destroyed, entire eco-systems are damaged for potentially thousands of years, lifetimes of work that has been achieved can be lost.

Committee or not…we all lose.

Yes, if what you mean is that indecision can cost you the goal, then you are correct. It you mean that an inability to take action costs, I agree. If you mean that wasting time running around in circles over the same ground aimlessly can cause you to lose the game, then yes.

And, as a leader sometimes you must hesitate and decide to not yet make a decision. That is a decision. Sometimes it is necessary to reconnoiter the territory and get new intel. Sometimes we must regurgitate and re-examine the same material to ensure we did not miss something. Sometimes we must reevaluate and change course. It is necessary to take in others opinions to gather perspectives.

In war, as in life, there are no absolutes. The only people who know are those who are there dealing in that space and time. And then, they can only do the best they can with the information they have. Typically the committee decides…and the leader gives the final orders.

And, I will take it another step. That committee of one who makes a decision and thinks they are doing it on their own? Think again. They typically do it with other input having come in from the spirit world, the news world, or from their internal committee of billions of bacteria and cells giving them input.

So…now you know how I think first thing in the morning. :) Hope all is well for you!

Pay It Forward Relationships

I had an epiphany the other day: Why not set an aspiration to “leave all relationships richer than before?” This would change the original basis of all interactions at the root. My thought is that this is the fastest way to “leave the world better than I found it.” Enrich them, allow them to enrich you.

The truth is that compassion, generosity and love are infectious, and they ripple out to affects hundreds of people around us every day. What better way to change the future? My desire is to align my relationships with honor, respect and desire to do well by them. That changes the focus from me getting from them, to me giving the best I have to give and then letting go of it with honor and respect. Of course, in the course of things, we make messes, deal with conflicts, contrasts and differences. It is the game of life. How we experience the separation depends on the lens we wear when the relationship comes apart.

In the game of life, I have found out that it is not the score that matters. What matters is how I feel as I play the game. What matters is that I am in the game, not benched on the sidelines. I have learned that life is a stretch…that is the point of it. We grow…or not…and in the process I can get a little bloody (some of us bleed more than others). And sometimes I score and it is a beautiful thing. Sometimes its a bit not so pretty, but it is a score. Sometimes I’ve gotten hammered. Sometimes I foul, sometimes they do.

I’ve learned that it is best to cry foul, get the ball back in play and measure the score at the end as to whether or not you enjoyed the experience of playing the game itself. You know you have done well, when your competitor, says, with a smile on his face…”I loved the game, you are an awesome player and a great sport!” When you agree, ahhhh, pride in achievement. We were both enriched…and revitalized. And inevitably everyone else we encounter that day will be enriched. This is the real ‘pay-it-forward relationship’. It is life in action.

Uniting Creatives Through Love & Vitality – Live Concert!

I was thrilled to team up with Shawn Gallaway last week – Oct 30 –  to produce the “Uniting Creatives with Love & Vitality” concert!   It was fun to find a way to support social change not only through intentional social media, but through music and the healing arts!  Here is an outstanding article that was written by one of the attendees: about how it affected her!

Another version of the article was written by Cynthia for  It reads like this:

Bizniker Joy Gilfilen uses a creative promotions strategy to launch and change the world

In this article I tell you about the concert and film shoot featuring Shawn Gallaway that fellow Biznik entrepreneur Joy Gilfilen and collaborators organized to promote her new venture

Singer songwriter Shawn Gallaway was in Bellingham, Washington this past week to celebrate the launch of Joy Glfilen’s start-up company UnitingCreatives. He sang a concert of 15 songs in front of a small and enthusiastic crowd of supporters at The Conway Muse, an old barn turned eclectic performing and visual arts center/ meeting place in Conway, WA. Local film company AnchorLight Productions filmed the show that will be featured on Gilfilen’s website.

Gallaway is well known for his inspired song “I Choose Love” from his album of the same name. The song is both artistic expression and tool Gallaway uses to rally his audiences to the message that we can use personal intent to move from a state of fear to a state of collective love. He believes that changing your thinking to focus on positive emotions like love and joy brings love and joy into your life and the world. You can download a free MP3 file of I Choose Love from Gallaway’s website (see link below.)

Gallaway sang 14 other songs in an order that told his story of personal spiritual awakening. Between songs he told the crowd how “going deep” into himself through spiritual practice freed his artistic potential and helped him discover his purpose in life as a man and an artist. He bravely exposed his inner life and journey to view and earned the hearts of the audience in return. He sang The Calling, When I Let Go, Choice Point, The Wind is Always and ended his set with the title song from his soon to be released album Living Love Tonight. If The Wind is Always is on the album, I’ll buy it. It’s a simple and poetic folk song that I definitely want to hear again.

The audience was invited to sing along often and the overall experience was an unusual cross between a folk music concert, monastic chanting, a ceremonial rite of passage, edutainment for change agents and a celebration for volunteers for a job well done; I smiled through most of the event.

Gilfilen’s is an idea coming to fruition after a long gestation period during which she has been solidifying her systems approach and philosophy about how personal and social change happens. Gilfilen has been writing and produced a DVD called Flipping the Joy Switch in which she introduces her audience to simple tools for building emotional intelligence, a type of intelligence that enables people to manage instead of be managed by emotions.

Joy is an advocate for using joyful intent as a means for protecting and preserving the earth for future generations; she and Gallaway and a large and growing number of change agents around the world share this quantum physics inspired approach to social change. A self-proclaimed hippy who was there at the beginning of the New Age movement Gilfilen has been working steadily to teach the world how to achieve peace and joy; with her new company she intends to take her message to another level by empowering others to find and support each other and do more together than they can do alone.

The Uniting Creatives website is being designed and built by local artist and entrepreneur Tenzing Kernan and company at TKWeb. The on-line service targets “people creating communities, projects and events that change the world.” The purpose of the site is to support a social change community of artist/entrepreneurs by providing an on-iine forum for sharing projects and events and finding collaborators and supporters. The site will feature an e-commerce engine to facilitate sale of products and services to generate life preserving revenue so that artists and other creative types can do their humanitarian work and take care of their families too.

You can sign up for free to experiment with the “alpha” site at The web team is hard at work getting design revisions and user experiences fixes in place and the refreshed site will go live soon. I look forward to using the site myself and can’t wait to see the finished design. Watch for more to come from the collaborations that will be empowered by as creatives unite.


I think Joy did an excellent job of honoring her collaborators and volunteers and making the most out of her marketing and promotions dollars.  Win-Win-Win is written all over this particular event and the message she is putting out to the world is one that can’t hurt anyone and just may help in a big way.

Cynthia DuVal – DuVal Ethnographic Research Center & Change Agency

Exploring the Rhythms of the Masculine & Feminine!

Working with Shawn Gallaway to produce this workshop was a true celebration of life!  Not necessarily a simple process, it was nonetheless rewarding on many levels.  We were empowered to notice how differently men and women experience their own masculine and feminine natures through our own expressions.

And then to be able to see how our reactions and “pre-judgements” affects how we are reactive and responsive in life.  Then, to notice how the conflicts we create inside ourselves ripples out to affect our friends, families and business relationships!  Learning to release resistance and to work with our changing natures made for a superb seminar!

Social Media is turning our world inside out!

Wow!  What a week!  Oct 23 sponsored a trendsetting conference here in Bellingham with Singer-Songwriter Shawn Gallaway performing empowerment music for business and social change agents!  Plus 14 business speakers talking about how social media is affecting commerce and our educational and political worlds.  Social media is growing up fast as a platform for supporting global change and upending old ways of doing business!

A keynote speech  by Marcia Johnson, set us up for listening in an all new way.  Co-Founder of, Marcia talked about the size and scope of social media as a phenomenon that is making our world very small.  We taped the whole thing…so parts of it will start to show up on in our live event stream video blog.  Check it out and watch some snippets!

Why You Need Social Media – Oct 23 – Bellingham; Shawn Gallaway Oct 29 – Conway

I am thrilled to announce that Uniting has been going through a transformation!  We are launching the new website platform the week of Oct. 23 – 30 with some special events!

Oct 23 – “Why you NEED Social Media” all day conference in Bellingham, WA at Whatcom Community College,  David Syre Auditorium.

  • 9 AM -5 PM – Panels and group discussions will shed light on the challenges and opportunities with social media.  Doing a group project online will demonstrate, in real time, the power of working in teams and in a “collaborative community” to gather resources, create change, make a difference!   You will hear from businessowners, political strategiests, healers, artists, and others about how they use it to help them grow, change, expand…and even market themselves.

Oct 29 – Shawn Gallaway Live in Concert at The Conway Muse in Conway, WA! Shawn Gallaway is a visual artist, singer songwriter, author, ceremonial healer, energy worker and Certified Lifeline Practitioner. He has traveled throughout the world sharing his healing message of peace through the arts and has recently shared the stage with the Dali Lama, Transformational authors Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Robert Holden. You can see his artwork and his most recent albums, such as “I Choose Love” and “Love will Overcome” at

You can check out the details at Events!

Co-Working – A trend in Community Entrepreneurism

Here is a great article that to me is a trend indicator.  It shows how our new communities are downsizing to make entrepreneurism sustainable and achievable for a larger number of people.  People who are letting go of the old image of having to have the fancy office, for those who are wanting to have freedom, flexibility, frugality, and a more sustainable lifestyle.  Thanks, Renata Kowalcyzk for sharing this link on Biznik. is an amazing place for business-to-business networking, designed especially for solo-entrepreneurs.

How Social Media is impacting our business

This is a great article to express how social media is impacting business. Check it out on Mashable. It has some good explanations of how we will be using to make a difference with our social change philosophies.

News Travels around the World! It matters what you say…

The event last night was simply amazing to watch, to feel and to participate in. Doing a real live web television broadcast from Bellingham, where we were linking to and an integral part of the broadcast from London and was challenging, revitalizing and provocative.

– There was the technical experience of mixing it up with people all over the globe using technology.
– It made me realize how small the world really is – we are just people – Mom’s Dad’s, Sisters, Brothers., cousins.
– We are only limited by the boundaries we have created; we are expanded when we let down our ‘boundary’ to look at another’s message, gift or knowledge.
– While I am talking to people in my town about what I care about – at the same time the President of another country, or a child in Brazil could be listening. What do I care about that matters – that is worth communicating to someone else in a different space and time zone? What would make a difference to another?

Not only what do I say; how do I say it so it can actually be heard accurately? It was sobering to realize that what I said would ripple around the world, and could change someone’s life in Asia, So America, or Europe.

Wow. The world has changed. When I grew up it took days to get a message around the world. Unless you were rich enough to have the money for a phone call. And phone calls were not accessible by millions of people. And, I didn’t really know anyone around the world

Today it has changed. I do know people from around the world. And, last night I may have spoken to people in Australia, Africa, Iraq, or New York City…and they are perhaps thinking about what I had to say. Yet their capacity to hear me is limited by their conditioning…their natural environmental, social, economic and cultural filters. What I said may or may not have translated accurately. Yet, I am now online with a message that I cannot take back – it is recorded online and will be there for searching by millions of people over time. It could change the future in the future even. Incredible. It is done…

And I had fun, as did so many of us. Thank you to James, Tenzing, Heather and many others for their hard work!

Love and Honoring the Day

Love.  It is a feeling.  It is not an object, not a task, not something we do “right”.  It is not measureable, quantifiable, containable.  Love moves through us.  It is a moving energy of life force that flows through our hearts, our cells, our sensory systems, warming, circulating and nourishing us.

We can feel it as we notice, appreciate and connect with other energies of life around us.  When we awaken in the morning and honor the day…the dawning of a new day, we can learn to feel love of life itself.  The love we have that our bodies exist, that our heart is pumping, our blood flowing.  We can reach out and touch and be touched.

Honoring the day…the whole day, including the night is an active process.  It is experiential inside of us, not ceremonial for someone else.

It is taking time to feel inside the appreciation of life, the pulsing beat in our veins. When I honor, I realize that each day I come back to awareness of my physical life on earth from the travels I have taken when my body rested. And with the dawning of a new day I get the gift of life itself.  Delicious!

Bellingham Peace Day Sept. 21 Highlights!

International Peace Day Jam

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 – Tuesday
Live from Bellingham, WA!

Melody Hall
4071 Home Road

Time 5 – 11 pm

Yogoman Burning Band

The Productionists

Rock Solomon

Teague Kernan & the Peace Jug Band

Rev. JD & The Blackouts

Ashley Douglas – Damon Dimitri Jones

Jan Peters – Misty Flowers Performing From NYC

Performing from Nashville – Shawn Gallaway

Gary Jensen Mayor – Ferndale
Joy Gilfilen “Uniting”
James Bauckman – Revolutionary Productions

Admission $10.00
Children Under 10 Free
Child activity area

Global live broadcast on

Contact James Bauckman 360-201-5022

Hosted by Revolutionary Productions
Brought to you by

Great bands, raw foods, inspirational speakers,
earth friendly vendors, fun for all ages, & much more.

Let’s create a world of peace together,
one community at a time, starting here in Bellingham.

Check the event out at

Celebrate peace in our lifetime by coming to this fantastic event and committing to living a life of peace from this day forward.

Sponsored by:

Revolutionary Productions

Raw Cha Cha!

Peter James Creative Studio-

Here is current press:

Here is where the United Nations is running

along with hundreds of other similar websites which is
allowing the possibility of 10 million viewers. Last year the event had 2 million viewers and 1 million watched afterwords from the archives.

Local International Peace Day Jam Broadcast Worldwide! is sponsoring International Peace Day Jam on Tuesday, Sept 21 at the Melody Hall in Bellingham, WA!  We are thrilled to find out that we have been selected to be one of the live event streamed broadcasts for the International Peace Day celebration that is happening around the world right now – through Tuesday evening!

We will be broadcasting live on the main channel starting around 5 PM or so.  Here is the link, and you can view it anytime now to see what is happening around the globe.  On our local broadcast you will hear from politicians, activists, entertainers, and regional bands such as Yogoman Burning Band, Misty Flowers & Jan Peters, Damon Dimitri Jones, Rock Solomon, Shanty Town, The Productionists, JD and the Blackouts, & Ashley Douglas. and more!

James Bauckman from Revolution Be Televised is producing the event and he is doing an awesome job.  Check out the full agenda at!/event.php?eid=123596461026654&ref=ts

Speed of Change = “Living Energy” Distortion

I am making this blog post “sticky” so it stays at the top of my blog.  I wanted to share this video again, for it really illustrates the challenges facing our society, our teens, our leadership and our businesses.  This is part of why we are feeling such enormous emotional distortion and stress.

Understanding the speed of change is critical when we, as leaders of the future, must adapt to that change. It is a huge disservice to yourself and your family if you do not understand what is truly happening around the globe in a technology world.   This socio-economic speed is adding to the ‘living energy distortion’ that we are feeling.  Many things are moving so fast in the unseen world that it is hard to put your finger on why you might be feeling unsettled, stressed, fragmented. There is a reason. Watch this link, and you will understand better.  To create into the future, you must understand the present. I recommend getting my movie, Flipping The Joy Switch, to understand how to work with the emotions of all this. video invites you to join us

This is a video link I did about when I filmed the DVD Flipping the Joy Switch – a movie about emotional resilience, and how to get out of the persecutor-victim-rescuer triangle by becoming a builder-leader-innovator instead.  This model is the basis for the website.

New Website!

Our new website is due out shortly – with the two biggest features coming out first – the ones on projects and events!  It will make it out right in tandem with the international peace day event – and frankly I am thrilled!  Things sometimes take forever, and then suddenly they just zoom into place effortlessly.

It is like when you build a house…the foundation goes in quick once it is time to pour.  Then framing can take forever.  Wiring and plumbing are the worst!  Doing it yourself takes months…and then suddenly, you get the insulation up, a day later the drywall, and suddenly everybody is impressed.  While you were slogging through the wiring and minutia people can’t see anything happening…then suddenly all kinds of things go in that we can see and it’s exciting!

It is an illusion however, to think that the slow times were times when you were just lost or confused or whatever.  These are times where the hard work of many tiny bits of materials had to go into the right place, or where the intentional thought, where the aligning of energy and people happens.  It is in the dry times where it takes courage and stick-to-it-iveness to hold steady on a goal.  Eventually it all comes together.

I am so delighted with Tenzing Kernan and Heather Dahlberg for the work they are doing to get this new website built, up and running.  It is a top flight program, and will really make a difference for anyone wanting to get things done out there in the community!  Hurray!  Years of planning, thinking and work coming to fruition! Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting and wondering if it was ever going to happen in the new way!

Yes Magazine – Creative Change and Hot News!

Yes Magazine just did a wonderful job of ferreting out some great news about people and trends for social, economic and environmental change!  This is the kind of news we want to start posting on!  Hot stuff!   Check it out!  Yes Magazine!   Way to go.  And even more…it is thrilling to see all the changes afoot in our global community!

Bamboo Tree Compliment!

Katie Lawson just sent me this awesome compliment.  She says, “From Stephen Meade’s business card:

“If you plant a bamboo seed, water and fertilize it for an entire year, nothing happens.  In the second year and third year, still nothing.  However, sometime in the fourth year the Chinese bamboo tree sprouts and grows NINETY FEET IN SIX WEEKS!”

Joy, you are like the Chinese bamboo tree.  And this is your time to sprout and grow AROUND THE WORLD IN SIX WEEKS!”

Thank you, Katie for being such a loyal supporter for those years when the fields looked a little barren and dry!  It is people like you who kept my hopes alive and running free and strong!  Thank you so much.

Tribes – by Seth Godin is a great contribution to life!

Seth Godin’s fascinating book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us is deceptive. It’s a small book, and a quick read, but it’s absolutely brimming with important ideas.

The author describes tribes as “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

In the past, tribes existed based also on physical proximity. Today, the Internet is providing a means for tribes to form which are global in scope and far larger than would have been possible (or likely) in the past.

What today’s tribes are lacking, in Godin’s view, are leaders. The Internet has also provided new ways to lead; the barriers of geography, cost, and even time have slipped away. Most of us are aware of, and likely belong to, more than one tribe that is Internet based in the form of a blog or social media/networking site.

Seth Godin makes the point that many of those tribes have no leaders, however. The Web doesn’t supply that. Leadership doesn’t have to be difficult, it really only takes having a passion about something and wanting to make a difference. The tools are available. Leaders don’t have to have college degrees, letters following their name, or someone else to give them the authority to lead.

As a person who has rarely chosen to blindly follow, and often felt a bit of a misfit for it, I found this book personally validating. I’ve often found myself in a leadership role, without quite intending to, and wondering if I had overstepped my ‘place’ in some way. Now, I think I’m just going to enjoy the fun!

The book closes with this from the author:

“One Last Thing
May I ask you a favor? If you got anything out of this book, if you highlighted or circled or Post-it-ed, I’m hoping you’ll do something for me: Give this copy to someone else. Ask them to read it. Beg them to make a choice about leadership. We need them. We need you. Spread the word. Thanks.”

My message back to Seth Godin:
Consider it done!

My Stroke of Insight – Jill Bolte-Taylor

When I first heard Jill Bolte Taylor talk about her experience on of having a massive stroke I was transfixed – a neuroscientist telling her personal experience of cosmic change! Then I read her book, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey. I was blown away at what it took for Jill to come back to life and choose to reprogram her whole brain intentionally. What an incredible human being – it took great courage.

Bottom line: Jill not only tells her own story, which would be compelling on its own, but very clearly explains how the two hemispheres of our brain work, separately and together. She does it in terms that a lay person can understand, and then goes on to show how that relationship is so clearly linked to our connection to the whole of the universe. It would be a great read for anyone involved with brain trauma of any sort…but it also has immense value for all of the rest of us.

She gives some very clear, concise, and biologically-based ways to learn to exercise our right brain, balance our two brains to become a more whole person, and use both brains to their best advantage to have the best life experience possible. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

The Tipping Point – How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

By Malcolm Gladwell

I loved reading The Tipping Point. It is one of the most exciting books I’ve read in a long time. Gladwell reinforces my belief in my power to make a difference. He explains how even one bacteria can change the world; why a fad becomes a fad; and why one voice can move a crowd.

This book helps me understand the power of momentum; and how little things – something that seems insignificant – can accumulate and cause dramatic change to occur. I believe the world now is at the tipping point. Each one of us is contributing to which way it’s going to tip. So, if you understand this phenomenon, you can be more deliberate in your actions and help cause the world to change the way you want it to.

We may have tried to change the world for some time: You add your piece. You add your piece again, and again, and you may think nothing is happening. However, at some point, the situation tips over. Something has reached the boiling point. Profound change takes place. When you’ve read The Tipping Point, you won’t be flummoxed if the world changes fast. It will!

Blessed Unrest – by Paul Hawken

The movement to restore Nature and return to living in harmony with our surrounding ecosystems is becoming the largest movement on Earth, says Paul Hawken. This movement has no name, leader, or location, and has gone largely ignored by U.S. politicians and the media, until recently.

Like nature itself, it is organizing from the bottom up. Hawken has paid attention to cutting-edge business development and social change for decades. He describes how ordinary people everywhere are summoning themselves into action, similar to the body’s immune system that kicks in to restore balance and health.Blessed Unrest is a positive, hopeful documentation of current practical action all across the Planet. The book gives me a lot of hope, and I bet you will find the same.  Awesome book for understanding the real movement of people.

A Laughter Club to build emotional resilience?

Yep.  Come work out they say!  They have exercises. They practice.  It takes intentional focus! It builds the immune system, grows vitality, increases emotional resilience and expands the lungs which would improve physical endurance.

What a gas!  I laughed outloud, slapped my knees, stomped, laughed behind my hand, like a penquin, like a lion…it was fun! In the end I realized that I was sweating, had stomach muscles More »

Millionaire Mind – By Thomas J. Stanley

myth buster! And it was great! This book, now a classic, destroys the myth that millionaires are shallow, superficial people who drive around in flashy cars. I never believed in that myth, even though it is so heavily dramatized and highlighted in the entertainment and media world.   On the other hand, I never had good replacement information either, so the mind of the millionaire was somewhat of an enigma to me.

Reading this book allowed me to get inside the head of many different kinds of millionaires in a way that made them real and alive.  It was wonderful to have the chance to learn how many of these these wonderful, deeply caring citizens think.  They often live amongst us as ordinary people, and theymake positive differences in many ways.

The Millionaire Mind, based on solid research, explains the richness inherent in the mind of a millionaire, and it gave me a window into what it means to be self-actualized, capable, responsible andempowered to do good things.  It is something to aspire to, but for a whole bunch of reasons not described in the media.   You have to read it to understand.

It was wonderful to be able to debunk so much misinformation for both me and my family.  Plus, I was able to apply the insights and reframe ways of thinking that affected how I raised my family.  There were some really valuable tips about how to appreciate differences in people, how to do things, and how to be more comfortable in my own skin, and with my own thoughts.

This piece of work is one of the best I have read for common sense and very grounded knowledge.  I loved it, and it changed my whole paradigm around value, money, manners, achievement, the list just goes on and on.

Buy this book, it is an awesome investment!  You will never see wealthy people through the same glasses again. You may also want to buy and read two other books by the same author:

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy.  This was their first book where they identified the characteristics and lifestyles of successful millionaires, removing so many misperceptions.

Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American BusinesswomenHere  that researched women millionaires and businesses, examining these women’s attitudes, working habits, and lifestyles. He explains what occupations they chose, what differentiates them, and discusses how they became so wealthy.  An awesome look inside the minds of the wealthy woman.  Great piece.  I was especially pleased at the amount of contribution that so many of the women did.  Made me proud to be a woman.

The Soul in the Computer: The Story of a Corporate Revolutionary

By Barbara Waugh and Margot Silk Forrest

As exciting as a river-rafting experience or a mountaineer’s biographical account, this book had me hooked, from the moment Barbara Waugh drops out of intense political activism and accepts a job at the Hewlett Packard computer company. The Soul in the Computer reads like an adventure and simultaneously a manual: Waugh decides she will make her career within the HP company without compromising her radical ideals.

From board room politics to management styles to human resource policy making, Waugh navigates, negotiates, listens, initiates discussion, solicits support, and finds graceful ways to facilitate profound change. The company even changes its motto, from being the best company in the world to being the best company for the world.

Waugh and Silk Forrest will have you spellbound as they offer a multitude of hands-on techniques for skilled communication between all ranges of employees, and invent a whole new company philosophy.

The Science of Getting Rich

By Wallace D. Wattles

“My entire success is based on The Science of Getting Rich” says Cheryl Gonzalez, a successful business woman. ”For the last ten years, I have read and re-read this book frequently. It assisted me in becoming financially independent.” Wattles researched a wide variety of sources such as ancient philosophers’ writings and condensed his findings into this superb manual.

Readers learn how to overcome personal barriers and use efficient tools to achieve their goals. Wattles teaches how creation, not competition, leads to wealth and how people who create wealth can uplift everyone around them.

The Science of Getting Rich is available as a FREE download. is ready to work!

One of the projects I have been working on for awhile is – it is a site where you can talk to other enterprising people in a social media technology.  I invite you to join us and check it out.  Help us work the bugs out of it, and help us pioneer change on purpose – change that is relevant to our real  lives. is a collaborative website put together by a team of hardy enterprising souls.

It is a new idea in social media that I hope will take the models pioneered by Facebook, MySpace and Biznik to the next level:  to develop a new conversation around community business  that works.

It is where “we the people” can gather to talk about how to creatively change the future through revisioning it, defining the world we want to see, and gathering human and intellectual resources to make it happen, encouraging initiative and mentoring people to take action.

It is not a site where you waste time on social chitchat, or on complaining, arguing or overdramatizing.  it is not for emotionalizing, sensationalizing, or hyper-connecting.

It is a place of courage…where we will have fun as we learn how to:

  • Use technology to bridge the gap from the past to the future as we deal with the complex issues of job loss, industry upheaval, globalization, environmental decay and turn it into rejuvenation, revitalization, regeneration and reconstruction.
  • Team up across platforms to apply the skills of brainstorming, masterminding, sharing and compassion to our real lives in our community.
  • Share our dreams and resources.
  • Learn how to trust each other to give their best, to share their hearts and desires, to give what they can to make the world a better place.

I call it ‘intentional social media‘ – an alternative to old media.  It is time it showed up, so that we humans can show up for change!  Hurray!

Social Media NW Conference

Here is a quick interview I did for the Social Media Conference in the spring.

64% of Whatcom County budget to Law and Justice – not sustainable!

It was fascinating last night to hear Pete Kremen, our County Executive say that 64% of the total budget for Whatcom County is designated to the law and justice system which includes the court processes. That is huge! The second part, is that most of our prisoners are in for non-violent and drug or addiction related offenses. The third part is that once in, they get disconnected from normal society and get reconditioned to live in a totally different environment. So, when they come back out they are ill equipped to function successfully. It obviously is not working. The cost to the taxpayers is enormous! Not just the financial cost, but the cost of denial, and our addiction to denial. It is eating us alive from the inside out, and we do not know what’s happening.

Life After Death – Deepak Chopra

By Deepak Choprah

This is a terrific book on how life and death are one continuous creative project…they are not separate things. I met Deepak at one of his talks, and it was a turning point in my thinking, for this book added a key missing ingredient in my thinking about life force and how things happen in the world.

It changed my whole view on life, on the fear of death, and on the joy of creating in this world right now, with pleasure. Check it out. He gives good substantiated information about quantum physics and the links to the spirit world, prayer, and so much more.

The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism

By David C. Korten

“A breakthrough contribution to an essential rethinking of the human purpose and our institutions. One of the most important books of this century” says Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.

Wow! Here is how we can in fact change the whole world! Really! Korten, who obtained his M.B.A. and Ph.D. at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, worked for many years in international business development in Asia and North America. He knows from the inside how current capitalistic business practices increase poverty and environmental devastation.

Korten outlines how the policies of the United States and other “developed” countries must change so we can build international business practices that nourish and heal people of all backgrounds and nationalities, across the planet. Business executives, shareholders, investors, and all of us can benefit enormously from reading this book and learn how we can indeed re-organize the way the world works.

Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

When I read Power vs. Force I learned how to use my instinct in a way so that my ego does not take me for a ride. The book gave me a measure, a tool to understand and feel the difference between using power to accelerate change and development, as opposed to using force to try to push through resistance.

Dr. Hawkins shows how individual consciousness can tap into the vast strata of consciousness pervading the universe and outlines methods to manage one’s mind effectively in order to fulfill our aspirations.


The Madness of My Mind

This is a newsletter entry from Stuart Knight, comedian…I loved it. His passion is so rich and powerful that I wanted to share it with everyone!

Like many people, I found myself reflecting on another passing year, wondering if it was the year I wanted it to be when it all began.  To find the answer to that question, I did what I often do, which is have a conversation with myself.  One of the many advantages of working for yourself, is that you can’t be fired for moments of insanity.  While chatting with myself, I asked the following questions.

Did you laugh?  And if so, was it frequent and uncontrolled?  Did it attract the attention of others?  Did it make strangers want to know what was so funny?

Did you cry? And if so, did you act as the gate keeper who rationally decided enough was enough, or did you let nature take its course and allow the cloud to release all that it had before moving onto new lands?

Did you learn?  And if so, did those lessons add value to your life or the lives of others?  Did you seek and obtain knowledge that deepened your understanding of why trees grow, babies cry and sports fans scream?

Did you feel?  And if so, what did you feel?  Was it the excitement of a new beginning or perhaps new lips against your mouth?  Was it a yearning for something more or more of the same thing?  Was it a crash of the unexpected or the swoop of fond memories?  Were the feelings real?

Did you sense?  Did you take time to taste the salt on the tip of your tongue or did you just eat?  Did you see the way he looked into her eyes as he stood aside so she could pass through?  Did you hear the train conductor offered her co-worker a portion of her lunch?  Did you smell the strong fragrance of the old lady who has lost her sense of smell?  Did you feel the pillow that supports your thoughts and dreams?

Did you give?  And if so, how much?  Was it all you had or an amount just less than your definition of scarcity?  And what denomination did you choose? Was it with money, time, smiles or ears?  Was it enough to make the receiver remember?

Did you work?  Or did you get paid to play?  Did you remind yourself that there is a difference and that a person’s DNA does not dictate which one you have?

Did you create?  Was it for you or for others?  Was it calculated or abandoned?  Did you finally let yourself feel the joy of letting that idea that’s been floating around in your mind have its moment in the sun?

Did you ask?  Was it a question you have been avoiding for too long?  Did it force you to consider whether this isn’t the car you are meant to drive?  Did it hold someone else accountable for the things they say without thinking?  Have you held yourself accountable to your own answers?

Did you try?  Although the fruit was too high to reach, did you try to build a step ladder or did you eat the bruised pieces on the ground?  Did you get distracted by the party around the trunk or did you try to climb above the heads of those that settle for expected outcomes?

Did you love?  Was it someone or something?  No matter what it was, did you let yourself love it enough to feel its glory and to fear its loss?  Did you let love dance without concerning yourself with the beat of the song, but with the beat of your heart?

Did you live?  Did you forget the unchanging past or the unpredictable future to soak up the greatness of now?  Did you live the eulogy you one day want read?  Did you play it safe to increase the guarantee of grey or did you take a risk that would guarantee colour?  It may not be the colour you wanted, but any colour is better than grey.

With each passing year, the movie our life becomes that much longer.  New characters are added and some scenes may change.  There are reactions to other movies playing around us and there are times when you decide to drastically rewrite the script.  And at the end of each year you have only one question to ask yourself.  Is this movie worth watching?

I am writing this week’s newsletter with an ice pack strapped to my left shoulder because of an injury I sustained while pushing the limits of my own personal film.  And although it hurts tremendously, it’s a scene that I get to watch over and over again with a smile on my face.

Days, months and years will pass.  Eventually a time will come when there will be no more room left for New Years Eve.  And that is when we will close our eyes and watch the movie we created.  Here’s to making it the greatest film of all time!

Happy New Year and Much Love!

Stuart Knight - 

Green Drinks – new Social Experience

Fun…people are learning new ways to socialize – over Green Drinks! These are social networking events that are more or less grassroots. Started in London in 1980 — the idea spread globally. We have them now in both Bellingham and Seattle. You can check out for more information! A grassroots trend…will be spreading more and more!  Entrepreneurs take heed…how can you help host, gather, or support the people who are flocking to this community based model of connecting with each other? 

A friends comments on unconditional love

A friend of mine did a disclaimer and then wrote back to me in another post in response to the Unconditional Love article and regarding the masculine and feminine story.  David said the following:

Disclaimer: I am one of those people who can make long forum posts. I don’t yet know if this is one of those posts, but we will see. You have been advised Smile

There are a vast variety of opinions on the subject. But my approach is to question what exactly does the individual (be it man or woman) desire, what is their perceived place for themselves and where did this perception come from?

Well, this is one series of questions that can’t be answered easily in sequence. So we will have to work from the last question – backtracking to the beginning.

Where does perception come from?

If I told you that a pet is a big responsibility, so by bringing a dog into the house you will have to command it with absolute authority and it must understand when its behavior is unacceptable, you may have to yell at it, you may have to demonstrate aggressive stances or use alpha bodily gestures and if that fails you may have to excuse the dog when company is present – you may get a lot of negative feedback on that idea. Some might make mention of animal cruelty, others may consider it a form of exercising power to receive some level of gratification out of it. But say the dog owner was raised from a young age to understand that these assertions of authority to the dog are what gets results – and that later in the day he is fed, he is played with – and there is no error in this system. The opposing party may believe that kindness, love and compassion is the way to gain a dogs cooperation.

Is either party right or wrong?

From my perspective, I see no intention of malice and I see no ineffective way of  dog management. I see two parties that are playing out their conditioned thinking. From a young age they were programmed precisely how to handle situations – and how to make judgment in accordance to their morality score chart, how to assess information and assign credibility to people.

How does this apply to male and female behavior?

If a female (let’s call her Jenny) is raised under a different set of rules, or encouraged to think of herself as a different component in society, then we can classify her “program” as “program A”. If we take a male (lets call him Larry) and he was taught to operate as a different component of society, we can then classify his “program” as “program B”. Now when confronted with problems, challenges or points of decision the difference between programming models may stimulate arguments.

Why doesn’t Jenny & Larry figure out how to compromise or promote solutions with mutual benefit?

Typically the incompatibility between different programming models for people in society exists because the programmers never intended compatibility beyond a very basic level. To compound problems, we have to understand that this is ‘programming’. These aren’t moral suggestions, these aren’t friendly words of advice. This is the one single set of instructions that people use to process all information.

So how can you make this claim? From the sounds of it you are saying people work like computers instead of human beings.

Correct. There are countless studies of human psychology and neural biology that compliment one another in the conclusions that all human thought stems from the principle of conditioned thinking. Conditioned thinking is the process of training the human mind by stimulating emotional responses to different situations. During this process the term “psychological anchors” presents itself, where the conditioned thinking begins to encompass the triggering of thoughts, emotions and a predisposed reaction in accordance to the anchor. Another way of thinking of a “psychological anchor” is to think of a neutral trauma. One that is neither bad nor good, but rather is a blank slate that can progress in either direction. When a human is brought into the world and exercises the first steps towards consciousness it begins learning the building blocks to interactivity with the environment by observation. For the first 5 years, the majority of all human activity is simply ‘monkey see monkey do’. Once the young life has affirmed it’s primary instructors their programing is commenced.

Traditionally the programmers are parents, teachers and peers with alpha status or seniority. You may identify them as mom & dad, Mrs. Miller, and the football captain, cheerleaders or any figure with alpha status over a social faction. So, based upon priority these ‘chiefs’ will program the ‘indians’ and mold the entire social structure accordingly. This process also enables stereotypes and other presumptive opinions people may have about one another. The chief told stories of the other tribes – and with his words he burned a portrait of his perception of these tribes into the minds of everyone in his village. The seasons grew tired and the new harvest came to pass – and there were divided factions of tribal loyalties. As a result, some of the tribes had established collective power and proclaimed domination over the territory. This meant some tribes weren’t offered fair trade. The same social sciences enable political campaigns, foreign relations, the hot romance interest you want to date and so on and so forth. We now see that conditioned thinking leads to social branding.

Our personal brand identity

We’ve taken a look at how our programmers can illicit any thought, response, or action out of us if they apply themselves well enough. How are we branded then? Our personal brand is a product delivered by a consortium of programmers. So the personality of an individual is the hybrid product of every instructional authority they have encountered during their developmental stages in life – and any reform or post-youth development that occurs later in life by figures that we entrust as authorities.

What we can take from this is that the concepts of “individualism” or “diversity” are byproducts of the exponential proliferation of conditioned thinking performed via a consortium of programmers.

Where does this leave us? Well, using the information above we can draw a conclusion as to “What is our perceived place in society?“. We can conclude that our place is at the center of attraction from every angle of psychological conditioning we have received.

What does a man desire?

A man desires to be treated in accordance to what is appropriate treatment for a man – as outlined by his own conditioned thinking.

What does a woman desire?

A woman desires to be treated in accordance to what is appropriate treatment for a woman – as outlined by her own conditioned thinking.


Whats the problem with this model?

This model allows every human being that has not become aware of conditioned thinking to be controlled, manipulated and abused into whichever form of behavior is preferable to those who promote it.

Byproducts of conditioned thinking from an abusive instructor:

Domestic Violence, Racial Discrimination, Sexism, Social Warfare, Political Abuse, Oppression, Emotional Corruption

How do we dissolve the negative byproducts?

The negative byproducts of conditioned thinking can only be dissolved at the level of which they were created.  The implication of this would involve social reform on the levels of: parenting, education, social respect, community leadership, political leadership and emotional comprehension.

One method that can be strategically employed to accomplish this is by including self-awareness in public education to the extent that conditioned thinking is a thoroughly understood concept from a very early age. Improvements on this would include critical thinking (logic – incorporating inductive & deductive arguments) into the collective community intelligence.

Once we can put the above strategies into active motion we can then recondition the present-day human psychology to include universal “legacy compatibility” – at which point the following issues that plague our world will begin to break down and cease to exist:

Domestic Violence, Racial Discrimination, Sexism, Social Warfare, Political Abuse, Oppression, Emotional Corruption.

And Joy – your Masculine and Feminine energies will live in a symbiotic harmony at last Cool

————————  To David, My reply is this:

Wow, David. What an incredible way of defining how we become what we become without thinking about how we become it. I don’t have time right now to spin off on all the different thoughts and discussions there are here, so I will have to return. In the meantime, it is fascinating to see your reasoning – thank you for going ‘out there’ in the discussion – yet relating it to the real world. The thing I would add is a bit about how the brain works that I learned from The Stroke Of Insight written by Jill Bolte Taylor. She is a neurosurgeon who had a stroke and recovered from it. She points out that the brain is thinking it is doing us a favor by developing automatic responses and conditioned responses. It saves us energy and we can learn more stuff once we get certain habits built in. So once we do something several times, we train our brain to think a certain way.

As it thinks, so it is…and it becomes a habit. Much like driving a car. Once we learn, we can go fast without thinking. However, it is also true that to change our personal course of history, we have to re-learn how to do certain things. This means that we have to go in and unprogram old habits. What that takes is unplugging the old one, figuring out what would be a logical or replacement way of doing things…and then practice. That works. It takes awareness, time and practice. You can unlearn that which doesn’t serve you. So be kind to yourself in the process. Now, that said, I also think that there are certain behaviors of the brain that are natural to the male coding, and to the female coding…that are instinctive and programmed by thousands of years of reproduction. But that is another conversation.

What’s the story with Unconditional Love…isn’t that conditional?

To start the discussion, I would offer that the first thing to challenge is this story of unconditional love. What does that actually mean, and is it a true story that actually works in nature? Now don’t get all excited, let me explain. What I have found is that this story can actually create a mentality that promotes domination and abuse – because we martyr ourselves to those who just take from us our unconditional love.

What I think we mean is to not do conditional love…to not expect a payback on things we give. That is not the same as unconditional love. I think that we must be mindful of how we give our energy away. When we deplete it constantly by giving it to those who do not give back to us, or to our community, to others, to our families…then it is time to stop giving their direction. When we shift a few degrees to the left or right of them, we can give our contribution in places where there is receptivity and a feedback loop. We each deserve to nourish each other.

In nature there is a cause and effect…it is inevitable. Why would love be any different? And it is as important to become aware of how we give it out as it is how we take it. We can unwittingly become “takers” of others energy…especially when we have been in the habit of “giving” to bottomless pits. When we are depleted, then we deplete others to replenish ourselves. We can learn to stop depleting ourselves, and in so doing stop the cycle of destructive behavior. Then, we can also learn to retrain ourselves to expect our good deeds to pay it forward to others, and teach our families and our partners how to pay it forward. It is a learning curve.

Reflecting on Masculine and Feminine Behavior

I’ve really been wrestling with the stories about men and women in our culture – about how we are ‘supposed’ to act.  Yet all this advice comes from the past. And if you actually look at our past…I don’t see a big incentive here to continue acting like that.  I am committed to finding new ways of being in this world that honor life as we would like to live it in the future.

How would masculine and feminine relationships that really honor our highest potential as pioneers of the future work?  We have challenges ahead as parents, as leaders…and how we act in our relationships and at home ripples out into our businesses and into our communities. Anybody have thoughts about this?

Smart Start-Ups by David Silver

This book is awesome, and right on the money about social marketing and how Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Profit by Starting Online Communities. David has brought together an amazing array of knowledge, tips and resources for the public.

It has completely changed how I was setting up these blogs, my communities and more! This is a vast field that was really scary for someone from my generation to understand.  Yet this book makes it real, measurable, doable and approachable.  It’s actually common sense…if you really listen to people.

Electric Bikes – New Business Opportunity?

Looking for a business to start in the city?  Investigate the possibility of selling electric bicycles!  Just read a fun article about how China is leading the world in bicycle sales.  The stats are pretty incredible!  58,000 sold in 1998.  In just 8 years, the 2004 sales were 6.76 million.  2 years later in 2006 it was 20 million and sales are projected now to be over 25 to 30 million a year!

It doesn’t take much to see that the opportunity is there in China…why not in the bigger cities in our country? Insurance rates, parking costs, costs of gas…sounds like there might be a match!

Flipping the Joy Switch DVD

Flipping the Joy Switch

This 45 minute DVD is highly relevant and timely inspirational cinema that addresses real challenges we face today.

It’s focused on personal growth tools for building emotional intelligence to take control of your life.  You’ll also hear several people talking about how they changed their lives by consciously changing their perspectives.


(All product sales are through Intentional Media Productions.)

Niagara Falls – Miracle of Nature!

Joy at NiagaraWhat a trip it was to go to Niagara Falls!  I just saw one of the greatest wonders of the world!  Twenty percent (20%) of all the fresh water in the world goes through this waterfalls!   The way they write is it this…’experience one-fifth of the world’s fresh water crashing 13 stories to the basin below…over 2800 cubic meters of water thunders over the rim at 65 kilometers per hour!’  It is fast.  It is big.

It drains the five great lakes of the North American Continent…flowing out to the Atlantic Ocean! To me that is like seeing the water flush through the kidneys of Mother Earth.

My friend, Loretta, and I got to go underground in a tunnel behind the waterfalls where all we could see was the water thundering down in front of us…shooting back up, going sideways!  The ionization effect was like a jolt of energizing sizzle to our cells!  Incredible.  The smell was awesome – totally refreshing!

At high season over 34 millions gallons of water a minute – right now only about 19 million at the end of summer!  It is stunning in its power!  Invigorating!  I was spellbound and magnetized!

There are two falls actually next to each other…one called the American Falls, one the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls.  The border and an island divides them.  We took a tour boat down to the bottom of the falls…and the amount of water spray simply drenched us for the water drops over 45′ and then creates a riot of currents below.  The depth at the base is over 54′.  My heart overflowed with love of the richness of nature!  Awesome.

It means so much to me to be able to feel such magnificence.  I am so proud of the Canadian and American governments for preserving this park and making it so people can safely get up close and personal with it.  It is an honor to be allowed to connect with Mother Earth.

Aware of Differences in Context

I just got a wake up call about inadvertant miscommunication and understanding the context of where you come from.  I am in a relatively big city – Toronto – having a great conversation with someone. This person looks similar to me…same skin color, same accent using English, laughs at the same jokes I have been, we discuss family, jobs….we are bonding I think. On the same page.

Then I ask a straightforward question like, “Where is Lake Ontario from here, how far is it?”

Delighted to help, they answer, “Once you get to the subway station, it is twenty minutes to downtown, then you have to either walk or take a bus.”  They smile, pleased with themselves, happy to have the right answer.

Go figure.  To me, that is no answer at all. I still have no idea how far it is or where from here.  I did not realize that I am completely out of context.  I am a country girl.  I want to know what direction it is –  North, South, East, or West.  I want to know how many miles it is from where I am standing right now.  They have no idea I am lost in the city.  I need orientation…landmarks.  That is how I get my bearings.

So I ask the clarifying question…what direction is it?  How many miles to where the lake is?  They look at me dumbfounded.  They have no idea.  I look at them dumbfounded.  They don’t know where they are.  They are in the city…and everything they know is relative to the subway.  They live by commuting underground.  I realize they have no idea where the sun rises and sets…they can’t see it because there are skyscrapers all around. They have no idea how many miles…they can’t travel that way.  There are highways, and subways and cross overs.

Wow.  Do you know, I have been in the city for over a week now, and I still have no idea how far I am from Lake Ontario? I’ve even seen it by train, but I have no idea where it is.

Context.  It matters in communicating effectively.

It is an irony.  This person is still a great person, and so are all the other people I have asked the same question of.  None of them give me the answer I seek.

Now, think that is funny?  Here is another.  Right now I am looking at a city map…and there is no mileage scale, or no North-South Direction finder on it.  It appears that it is irrelevant.

Who are these wonderful people who are just like me?  Where am I?  I laugh every time I go anywhere.  I have no idea…and neither do they.  It’s all relative.  Relative to the system we think by…relative to our childhood upbringing…relative to the time, place and context we are in.

We have a good time anyway.  Nice folks.  Fun conversation.  And, before I leave, I am determined to find out where and how far I am from Lake Ontario.  I have an idea…but it will take a bit more sleuthing.

42 Rules for Successful Collaboration


If you’re wondering what all the buzz is about collaboration, check out David Coleman’s “42 Rules for Successful Collaboration.”

This little book is a work of collaboration itself.  It’s a great starting point to understand what collaboration is and what it isn’t.  Plus, it’s chock full of resources for learning more about it!

It’s available online at:

Egghead Humor

In reply to my question regarding green humor, a friend posted this topic : David McKim’s egghead humor – when he gets bored!

Which came first: the chicken, or the egg? Though philosophically engaging – the egg came first. Since all species of birds stem from the genome commonly shared by reptilian dinosaur ancestry, the egg has existed for hundreds of millions of years on earth without requiring the existence of any chicken. Even more engaging – the concept of the egg stems from embryonic development and reproduction, which is common in most animal life (especially mammals).

Green Humor -Anybody have some?

Green Humor – Any ideas on how we can make our humor proactive or life-enhancing? How is humor revitalizing?

Can humor be invigorating and creatively uplifting? Why is it that much of our humor today is depreciating to the human spirit?  How do we learn to share humor that makes us feel better about ourselves?  What kind of humor encourages the human spirit?  Have you heard any jokes that could be told at events that make people feel proud and powerful?

The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

By Stephen R. Covey

Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”  just added another.   He says the current information age requires leaders to develop an 8th habit: To become aware of and bring forth our own unique voice and contribution, and inspire those we work with to find and express theirs. Building a climate of trust in an organization is as important as ever.

Buy book – The 8th Habit Personal Workbook

Buy DVD – The 8th Habit – From Effectiveness to Greatness

Leadership and the New Science

by Margaret J. Wheatley

Have you ever put orange juice into the gas tank of your car and wondered why the engine doesn’t run properly? Yeah, who would do that?

When we use the wrong tools, it’s hard to get the job done well. Running a business with an attitude of “I win, you lose” is a tool that does not get the job done right, seen in a long term perspective. Running a business with dictatorial type of power and control does not work so well any more. Why? Margaret Wheatley explains why.

In Leadership and the New Science I found an accessible description of the principles of Quantum Physics and how it points to the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Each and every worker in an organization influences the functioning of that organization, not only consciously, but also unconsciously.

Wheatley suggests that many businesses and organizations are still governed as if we live in a Copernican universe. Some of us haven’t caught up yet with the findings of Quantum Physics. This book demonstrates how a company blossoms when its workers are happy; and how work teams may perform better when they are invited to organize their own team work instead of only following orders; because, people by and large want to do well and want to improve their performance; and they want success for themselves and enjoy seeing everyone else succeed, too.

Traditional Western principles of leadership are on the verge of being obsolete. Let’s face it, they ARE obsolete. The content is earth-shaking.


A New Earth

By Eckart Tolle

“A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Inner Purpose” is a great book for understanding some of the challenges facing our society as we deal with accumulated stories of humanity, religion, self and more

Many people have found it very helpful in seeing how our historical stories and habits of thought trap us into under performance. He discusses the importance of understanding what he calls the pain body, and how we must get out of our heads and egos to get to a new place of resourcefulness and self fulfillment.

I found his last chapter the most useful for he talks about awakening the power of enthusiasm and joy energy to take us to a new level of awareness and effectiveness.  This is a tremendous unexpected reiteration of the work I have released in the Joy Conversion Triangle Model where I discuss how to convert fear energy into joy energy so you can get better results in life.

Green Businesses taking Restorative Action!

I am thrilled virtually every day as I see people across our country taking action in behalf of the planet. Conference planners who are designing green conferences – and companies who are hiring them and paying for recycling; television stations like CTV in Canada that is spearheading projects that inspire people to learn about conservation and sustainability; the creation of the Sustainable Connections organization which has attracted over 600 business memberships! That is stunning!

Our local Bellingham Technical College has recently offered a new Green Certification program for construction consulting. I am tickled pink, for a couple years ago we saw very little of this, and I see it catching fire in the marketplace. Look for trends yourself, and let us all know what you are seeing in your neighborhood!

Rewarding Your Green Employee

The power of insignificant significance is well illustrated by a couple excerpts from a website I just found that is called One Million Green. I find it fun how they illustrate the significance of really small choices or changes that you and I can make to make a big difference over time or if we get a group to participate.

Who would you acknowledge in your office for their “green” efforts? And then think about how you could encourage this action at your workplace? Notice this quote from their website:  

Did You Know?

If one person replaced one incandescent light bulb each month with a fluorescent light bulb, it would translate to an estimated energy savings of 4,512 kWh for the life of the bulbs.  

If one person decided to carpool just one day a week, it would save an estimated 61.3 gallons of gas per year. (Note: at the price of gas today, that could save you around $250 as well.)

I think that this is a significant impact from seemingly small decisions. Now check out what happens when we combine this with compound collective choices:

Now imagine if one million people pledge together to make these small changes to their routines. That’s over 4.5 Billion kWh’s saved from simply changing light bulbs! That’s over 61 Million gallons of gas saved from carpooling once a week!

Next, from a business leaders standpoint, think about how you could encourage more of your employees to go green and benefit the whole world. Perhaps you might provide some extra recognition or benefit for them? Or what if you gave them an extra day off a year for the extra work and time it took them to carpool or ride their bike to work? What if you also gave them a gift or extra time off relative to the amount of money they saved the company for not having to build or maintain extra parking, for saving resources at the office, etc.

Here are some other recommendations to change the culture at work:



  1. Encourage a “green” dress code that is professional but serviceable – inform clients of the policy
  2. Reward the use of low heeled or tennis shoes for all staff for health reasons and consumer benefits
  3. Reduce the number of chemicals you use in office cleaning – go green
  4. Encourage carpooling to work
  5. Encourage that your staff at home do things such as shorten showers by 3 minutes, turn off the faucets when brushing teeth, do laundry in cold water, etc.
  6. Figure out how you can use less water in the lunchroom; Allow air drying of dishes
  7. Turn off lights when leaving a room
  8. Turn down thermostat by 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer
  9. Use reusable bags for all shopping for office supplies, groceries, when running errands.
  10. Utilize space heaters to heat only occupied rooms
  11. Plant a tree at my house, at the office, in the park once a year
  12. Recycle everything possible and use refillable ink cartridges for printers.

Newspaper & Publishing Trends to Social Media

I’ve been aware that the book publishing industry was being challenged by social change.  It became seriously apparent to me about 18 months ago when I attended a writer-publishers conference.  I listened to publishers talking about the increasing stressors on their industry, and how their more traditional brick and mortar style businesses were becoming less and less profitable.   

When I questioned them about the trends, I realized that they were thinking about their business from an old worldview perspective.  They had not yet built interactive, new worldview websites and were not yet adapting to the massive changes enroute.  They did not seem to comprehend that the movement towards online publishing was increasing – and that it was slowly putting them out of business, and they did not understand it.

That seemed incredible to me.  I realized they literally “had their head in the books” for the Internet is on the leading edge of the publishing industry – like it or not – and they did not realize it.  It is like the frog in the water on a stove that gets turned on, and as the water warms up, the frog gets lulled to sleep, rather than jumping out.  The world was passing them by, as they were wondering what happened.

When I heard that was adding ways that people could download certain chapters of books immediately online and working with online publishing, I realized that they were adapting to change…even while they still sold real books.  Worldviews makes a difference in profitability.

Then a bit ago our local Bellingham Herald newspaper shrunk down to half-size as they went more online.  Now a Seattle paper just quit publishing in the written form.  I read an article at the financial site, 24/7 written by Douglas A. McIntyre. It was fascinating even to me to see the dramatic deterioration of an entire era of newspapers.  They have been a part of my life my entire life…and it is clear they are history.

I listened to an NPR radio interview where people were lamenting that the watchdog of the government was now defunct, and what were we going to do about that?  What happens now? Who would report the news from the city council and other places?  I don’t know the answer to that per se.

I do know that in Bellingham its been changing for awhile.  We now have a city operated TV station where City Council meetings are aired.  Maybe they will also go onto the Internet, too.  I don’t know.

So the question is, what is happening instead?  What is composing while the print newspaper industry is down?

We get to watch a new industry rising – blogs and social media.  McIntyre, the same guy that writes about the decline in print news, also writes a piece on the economic values of the 25 top blogs.  I find it fascinating to see the ebb and flow of life as it is showing up in the economic world.

People are choosing to hear from real world news as other real people are making it and talking about it in a new way.  Reader interest is arranging the market, by being able to read what they want to read, the way they want to read it. And the dollars follow.

What I do know is this.  If you look around people are very free to choose where they get their news.  And they do not pay for it.  The news is a service, and up to the minute news is available the minute they want to read it.  They are choosing what kind of news they want to see, what news they want to make,and what news they want to comment on.  It is an all new world out there, and we need to adapt to it, because it is real. It is changing the fabric of our lives.

Al Gore launched on purpose to give people the option to get news from somewhere other than the media networks.  It is an online TV station where people submit their own videos for publication.  It got an Emmy Award right away – more big news for someone who had just gotten an Oscar for the Inconvenient Truth. To me it exemplifies news by the people, for the people.  I don’t know if Al Gore intended it to be that, but to me, that is what I think when I see it.  To me this was an example of an outstanding, very proactive way of responding to the stranglehold that large media has held over the news that we got to read. No more.  It is changing.

Going deeper still into the psyche of people, we are seeing the rise in social media and business networks such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and this site,  These sites are being developed grassroots in response to a real live human need to connect with people who are going our way, so to speak.  It is a new way to be able to build community and get real people news to real people now.

Think about it this way.  Traditionally the news was transmitted more geographically, and our communities existed in physical areas. News was often slow to travel.

Today with a click of a button you can reach millions of people online virtually instantaneously.  Today everything has been going global.  The speed of change is instant.

The reflection of the movement of people is being seen online…for people feel like they live in a more national, or international community connected to others by electronics if not physically.  We travel everywhere, do all kinds of things, and eat all kinds of food from many cultures…even in a few square blocks in a big city. This affects us on all kinds of levels.  We talk to people on our cell phones 24/7 and can tell thousands on Twitter that we are eating an ice cream cone.  Incredible.

If you read books like Groundswell, Tribes, Wikinomics, you start to get the picture.  We are experiencing a sea change in all forms of business.  It is affecting how we organize, what we choose to do, how we take in information, how we process it, who we believe in, and how it affects us.

This is a powerful trend that all brick and mortar businesses, and all politicians and community leaders would be smart to study, work with and understand.  Rather than fight and resist it, learn to listen and feel the real live movement of the people, and respond appropriately. Pathfinding is not about following the trail of what has been, but being able to notice changes, and then blaze new trails when other ones no longer work. – Joy

Environmentally Green Cemetery in WA State!

Another first for the state, and for Whatcom County! Jones Funeral Home just opened a new cemetery area out in Ferndale, WA that is “green”.  It is about:

  • Sustainable burial methods
  • 100% biodegradable materials
  • Earth friendly excavation and technology

How cool is this?  I love this and wish I had had the option when my parents died.  They really wanted it and we had to do stuff they didn’t want done.  I am curious if this is an emerging trend in other areas?  Have you all seen this elsewhere?

I think there is a future for other industrious entrepreneurs in this arena

Joy Gilfilen

Awareness: It is normal to ‘feel lost at sea’ when you start social marketing

I keep thinking that everyone else is smarter than me, or ahead of me with SEO, social media marketing, article writing and blogging.  I hesitate, thinking that I have to learn more and more before I get started.  Not true.  I am learning to “Just Get Started – You Learn by Doing!”

Some people with large budgets and advertising campaigns can do it ‘right’, develop a very clear and focused message, do the analysis, create fancy logos and stuff.  When we don’t have these kinds of budgets…which is most people…the trend is to jump in and figure it out as you go.

I think the older generations have more hesitancy…for we have been trained to have it all finished before we start.  We had to have a perfect image, for to do it wrong was so expensive when you had to invest in brick and mortar type business.  In this new online world, it is more about speed and just doing it, and figuring it out as you go.  The new world allows you to just change direction quickly, to adapt, to change.  People are learning to expect it, to see it, to not be embarrassed by it.

What an amazing difference in attitude.  I am having to get over my fear of doing things in beta, and then seeing what happens and adjusting.  Walking the line between looking bad because it is unfinished, and striving so you learn and enroll others in the process…it’s a fine line. On this site, because we are striving to develop several services at once, it is a challenge to both look good, develop and be good.  Please be patient and help us learn and develop the site as we go.


Social Change seen in Parties, Family Habits

I was talking to some business colleagues of mine the other day here in Bellingham, WA. One was a caterer, another a build-your-own take home dinner food company. They both said that consumer buying habits in the past few months have been changing – significantly – and they both said it had to do with attitudes of building more relationships and developing heart centered community.

The caterer said that , yes, some companies did their holiday parties differently by scaling down.  But the biggest shift was in the style. The tone shift is to doing things that boost morale, relationships and build confidence and connection. Out was the big drama and show off stuff.  In were real conversations, giving versatile gift certificates like to grocery stores, and giving awards and acknowledgements that really honored the person.

The food company said that she had seen a huge spike in sales the past year. More families are choosing to come in to put together menus of foods, and take the dinners home – so they can have family dinners rather than doing the dine out thing, or catch food on the fly. Fascinating clues to attitude changes, and think about how this is opening potential new market opportunities.

Green Goes Mainstream – According to Parade Magazine

Wow! Acknowledged in a pretty traditional magazine! Here’s the 12-28-08 report:

The clean energy movement gained momentum in ways big and small. Consumers turned to reusable shopping bags, and automakers sold about 360,000 hybrid cars (led by Toyota’s Prius). Solar power grew by at least 30% in 2008.

Wind energy had a banner year as well. New projects that began in Texas, Utah and elsewhere will create 9000 new jobs. Green industries now generate up to 8.5 million jobs in the US and President Elect Obama has promised an ambitious program to develop an additional 5 million jobs in renewable energy. The Green Jobs Act of 2007, expected to be funded next year will authorize $125 million to train new workers in needed skills.

Joy Gilfilen, Collaborative Leadership Speaker and author,

Innovative Teen Court Catching On

Often the ‘story’ stops with the hero – or focuses on the drama. I want to delve deeper into this story. I want to share what happened over time that the hero thought, acted, and then others joined in. I just read an article that caught my eye…about how (Whatcom County) Teen Court Tops Decade of Helping Youths in Trouble.

And I realized that a friend of mine, Chuck Snyder, started it way back in 1998. Today the effect of one man’s brainchild has caused a profound ripple effect on the lives of many teens, our community, and the ripple effect has snowballed.

And the wave is still compounding with other movements.  I see that a tipping point was reached with the launching of the National Association of Youth Courts in 2007.
Chuck is now a Superior Court Judge, and what he said about the program last night is that “I’m only one person in the process. It is really the kids who participate in the program who make the difference for themselves and for the others they work with. And,Teen Court is one of a number of innovations in juvenile justice that are designed to have an impact on kids early, before they get into deeper trouble. And it works.”


An excerpt from the article goes:

“Administered through Northwest Youth Services, Teen Court is now in its 11th year. The first teen court in [Washington] the state, it began as a pilot program in 1998 and has inspired the creation of more than a dozen similar ventures in Washington,” said Beaty, its longtime coordinator.

The program’s nearly $65,000 budget is covered by a mix of local tax money, United Way support, and help from local attorneys and civic groups. Considering that it costs nearly $4,000 to hold a teen in juvenile detention for a month, nudging minor offenders back onto the straight and narrow can be a money-saver.

About 36 young defendants go through Teen Court each year, which mirrors the fall-through-spring school year.

More than 160 student volunteers participated last year, plus 14 adult attorneys who helped as mentors or fill-in judges. This year, teens from 12 high schools in the county are volunteering, up from 11 last year.”

Here is the point, and I think it is significant. It started with one guy who had an idea and acted on it to enroll others. That guy was Chuck Snyder, who, at the time was a Whatcom County Superior Court Commissioner. How did it start?

He told me that he’d read an article about a type of youth court program in Texas. He decided to launch one here, and took it to a new level with a full-fledged ‘in-the-courtroom’ type of program.

Today his brainchild has become a model for others. It is what that article is talking about…it has spawned over a dozen programs they said. Now think about the ripple affect:

  • Lives Changed: Over 11 years hundreds of teens have had an alternative to the old court system. That means thousands of lives have been changed for the better through this program – just in my county. Dozens of other start ups have rippled out. And every change in a family ripples out through the extended family, and it can have generational impacts.
  • Multi-fold Economic Savings: I am not an economic genius, but the implications I would guess are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars redirected potentially every year, times many years and multiple new programs. Compound impact? I don’t know – but it is significant.  

  • Community Collaboration: Notice that the funding this is not about just the government saving us, or a bunch of victim thinkers. This is all about pro-activity. It is a combination of public, private, tax, civic, and entrepreneurial contributions. The money is cross discipline, the volunteers come from all walks of life, the support is cross cultural. The result is institutional change. Wow!

How cool is that? It is a win-win-win. Years ago, this wasn’t the story. Today it is…and our community is better for it. Someone had an idea and acted on it. Someone wrote about it. Someone read it, had another idea and acted on it. Others joined in and it got built up over time. Now we see a national organization growing, and the potential ripple effect on society over time is huge.

Congratulations Chuck, and to every other person, teen and adult, who participated, learned, grew and strove to make a difference in the lives of real people right now. The world is a better place because of you. That worked and is still working. You put your head, heart, hands and vision to work. Thank you from me and from our community.

Think Body-Mind-Spirit Even in Business

As a solo-preneur, I like to think about my business as a living organism. It is like an extension of me, for I am it. I can feel when my business is off target, or on.

There are the physical (Body) day to day things I have to do to take care of communications, marketing, and production (or sales) so I keep revenue coming in. There are mental (Mind) things I have to deal with that are all about the judgement decisions I have to make in the financial, legal, business development and relationships arenas. Then there are the more spiritual aspects (Spirit) which relate to integrating my actual results with my vision, setting up effectiveness systems and leadership pathways. And in the middle is my emotional fulfillment.

I find that when I can keep all these arenas moving a bit, and focus on each ‘hat’ at a time, then I can keep things moving and feel good and my results are consistent. When I ignore any of these areas over long periods of time I lose traction in my growth or get off kilter. Being off will show up in too much volatility in growth and cash flow. When I get a good harmony going where I grow in phases through each area, then my business thrives.

We are Transitionaries!

As the director of development I don’t get to spend a lot of time working on content but I wanted to share an idea that occurred to me the other night.

We are now buried under a couple feet of snow and suddenly the power went out. So, not a problem with gas heat and candles all of a sudden found ourselves in conversation about this project. What occurred was a realization of our real purpose which is we are transitioning in a new age of technology based on globalization. I woke up this morning and the word “Transitionaries” popped into my mind and I thought how perfect is that?

Transitionaries, my spell check didn’t even underline the word and I didn’t even know it was in my dictionary. My next step was to Google the word and only some electronic music artists came up. Should I trademark?

Regardless, as transitionaries we are dedicated to bringing the Millennials (the new generation) into our world. These kids don’t watch TV. They are on their computers, Ipods, and cell phones constantly. Their world is so drastically different than ours and they are just coming to the age of developing technology. Think about that, the generation that was created from technology now building the technology of the future. It’s fueling exponential growth.

This is the first of many articles that I will be creating as my own perspective of this project and how the new technology will be integrated with this project.

The Shift is Happening – watch this video!

Yes, a lot of positive change is taking place on Earth, just have a look at this: - let us be inspired by this short video about positive change in business and community life! Do you have an exciting resource to share with us about that you have used to transform your business? Click on Comments and tell us!

What resources create win-win-win results?

What valuable tools and resources would you recommend to other pathfinders who are consciously creating a win-win-win business? By win-win-win we mean encouraging life-enhancing results for the individual, the business, and our broader world community, including nature. We welcome new thought thinking resources in your field that are breakthroughs and innovative, as well as exceptionally done material that is timeless.

What resource, technique, or tool has improved your entrepreneurial performance in a way that ripples out to positively impact others?

Why was this resource unique in a way that improved your results? What difference did it make to you? provides way to measure Carbon Footprint is a new blog that is taking action on going green. You can find out more about energy savings and your carbon footprint or read about how Canada is economically supporting green businesses. I am impressed at the whole eco-attitude of Canadians – I am proud to be their neighbor. – Joy

Natural Capital Institute

Natural Capital Institute is a terrific big-picture data gathering website for anyone in business wanting to make a sustainable difference on the planet. Check them out if you are looking for resources, links to collections of data on socially responsible investing, tips on restorative business, information on financial implications of business decisions. Awesome resource!

Principle-Centered Leadership

By Stephen R. Covey

Yes, some of Covey’s books have been around for some time, and that is because they contain timeless, deep insights into leadership that makes organizations grow, blossom, and last. Covey offers wisdom and long-term perspective. He says long term success is linked to a heart-centered willingness to give truly valuable service to customers and local communities.

Opportunity to Standout as a Business Leader and Gain Loyalty

What is the hidden opportunity of the century? Where is the edge? I believe it is in providing solutions to the real challenges facing humanity. This is not quick fix advice…it is sure fix advice. Being a trendsetter and a part of the solution ahead of time gives you an edge as markets change.

I am a forward thinker, and I grew up to face the marketplace squarely. The power of positive thinking is awesome, and does not mean avoiding challenges. It means assessing real conditions, facing them squarely and dealing with them in a real world way. People like that.

We all know we are facing upheavals in the financial markets, challenges in globalization, and threats to our physical survival with climate change and more. Even if we try to avoid thinking about it, it is in the back our minds because we see the destruction of habitat all the time. I don’t have to go into details. And that itself is a clue. Who’s worried? We all are one way or another.

Entrepreneurs who are nimble and fast on their feet and who take deliberate and conscious action on this today will win in business tomorrow.

The faster you find solutions to increase survivability and thrivability, the sooner you will be part of the success stories of the future. Green business, social change business, environmental consulting – these are obvious. But what about if you are an educator, a service business, or a retailer? What can you do that keeps you successful?

Focus on finding tiny 1 degree changes you can make in your company or your business practices that matter, really matter to all of us. And let your customers know you are doing your part.

1) If you teach, use green examples, progressive illustrations, tell life-enhancing stories. Give assignments that further conscious awareness, reduce waste, increase positive actions in your students.

2) If you are a retailer, the obvious is to buy socially conscious and environmentally conscious stuff and promote it. Use efficient lighting, change the things you use for display purposes.

3) If you are a service provider, look for answers in what you buy and use inside your business, or what you can teach your clients or show you clients.

For example, all of us can change our consumption habits, our inside out perspective.

It is actually a small change to start using recycled paper. Use non-toxic cleaning supplies, green ink in your printing, turning the heat down a couple degrees in the office. Change your air freshener or soaps to non-chemical and biodegradable. Use fewer disposable products in your office.

And if you are not doing it already, increase recycling – strive for a waste free company. Each 1 degree adds up to a new consciousness, a new pride in your work, and your clients will feel it and see it. And let your client know you are doing it because you care about them, and you care about us all. You take action in the small stuff, and that matters.

What are the benefits of doing this to you and your business?

• Save $. These tiny, smart incremental actions might be just a few cents each, but over time that adds up. If it doesn’t save money on the front end, look for the hidden savings or the increase in revenue you could get from the backend…the next things I talk about.

• Reduce Stress. Clients and staff are feeling the pressure. It is in the back of all our minds. So when we see companies being conscious conservationists, it makes us feel better. You may find a ripple effect in employees being happier or healthier. Fewer sick days, better attitudes equals less errors, more productivity. Your staff and clients will strive to emulate you, and will even bring you gifts or ideas to help you.

• Goodwill. People want to do business with progressive, positive, proactive people. They want to associate with and refer people they are proud of. Consciously or instinctively they will pick it up that you are beneficial, and they will automatically begin to send you more business.

Increasing goodwill increases loyalty, which increases sales and referrals. Direct link. One degree multiplied adds up over time.

Here is an example.

The head of Nature’s Path cereals was giving a speech one day. He said they had been looking at packaging options. They chose to go against the trend and make their packaging smaller relative to the contents.

That got my attention. Wow! It went completely against conventional marketing wisdom as it has been promoted.

The marketing folks often tell us to upsize our packaging to get more shelf visibility, to provide increased perceptions of value, etc. They said it gets more sales. Instinctively I’ve never liked this approach. Who likes to buy a package that is deceptive, wasteful, anti-environmental and arrogant? It goes against the grain, against common sense. It made me feel bad to buy it, but I had to if I wanted what they were selling. Although it is a bad idea, the marketers say it is good business. Who was I to argue with the marketing wizards? So I had bought the idea to an extent.

And here was a guy, an important guy not buying it – in fact he not only didn’t buy it, he went the other way. Why? I wondered what price he paid to buck the trend.

So I asked him.

I asked him what the end result and the financial impact was.

And I was delighted to learn that when it was all said and done, that it increased customer sales, increased revenue and profits.

Here’s why: He informed his buying customers that he was doing it and why. He printed it on his packaging. Goodwill, common sense and good actions won out.

• His customers felt honesty and integrity from the company. They went from being any company to a solid, substantial real one in their eyes. A company of honor and strength. He became a wise one, someone to trust.

• The customer literally could feel the difference in the weight of the package relative to size. So their impression was reinforced by their sensory experience.

• His customers felt relief and felt good about themselves by not being tricked. He removed a subconscious negative.

• His shelf space was smaller per package, but that meant the shopkeeper could actually put up more packages in the same space. Potential increase in actual substance on the shelf.

• He got press from going against the tide – increased visibility, higher quality.

• He saved money in printing and packaging costs.

• He saved money in shipping costs. He could ship more product in less space.

• He saved money in warehousing and storage.

Bottomline, he was a better citizen, better company and made more money. And in the eyes of his customers? Suddenly I find myself buying more of that brand than any other. And I am giving him more press, more illustration. I am proud to have met this guy, and I will refer his company every time I get a chance.

So think about it…what can you do to make things better for your clients? What can you do to increase deep loyalty and pride in your customer to do business with you?

That is the hidden opportunity of the future. Get real, take solid action that matters, really matters.

Bridging the Gap to Social Media the Biznik way!

There are fast, dynamic benefits to befriending the network of independents. They are bright, current, savvy entrepreneurs who are open-hearted and willing to give you fast feedback on your efforts.

I have found Biznik to yield a high Return-On-Investment of holistic capital. Whether it is intellectual capital, financial capital or physical capital there is a wealth of resources available.

I’ve been involved only about four weeks. The richness is amazing. And I have just scratched the surface:

Find your Niche Market – Agility Conditioning:
Biznik provides fast ways to identify, adapt to, and penetrate your market niche by allowing you to write articles, host events, get feedback. The cornucopia of relationships help you connect to where the market is immediately.

Many of us work in isolation, so one of the biggest challenge we have is reaching people where they are. Here you can work in a fast, dynamic way to clarify and finesse the language of your market. You can test language locally and nationally.

Write an article. Post it within Biznik by topic, and immediately you will know if you hit the target. You will know if your article is off or on current language, where you are muddy or clear in communication, who is reading it and is inspired to comment back.

People rate it. Results are organic and immediate. You find out if people of like-kind read it, how they will react to it, comment on it and add to it within days. If it doesn’t work, adapt.

Notice when you tap into unexpected markets. Notice the articles that are read and how people respond to what language.
Host an Event. See who RSVP’s immediately. You will know if your language is hitting the audience you want based on the types of people who nibble and bite. People ask questions for clarity. If you are not clear, fix it. If no-one bites, take it down and revise the title, the story, the image and re-post.
When you do the event, find out if you are doing what you say. Are you authentically selling and delivering to that audience what works for that audience? If so, they tell you in the comments afterwards. Or they send you compliments, or buy your stuff. If not, you need to get re-aligned and adjust your offerings.

Team up to Host an Event – Find someone who has more experience or connections, and ask them to team up with you to host an event that you have an idea for. They bring new energy, new perspectives, and new resources to the table. In minutes you can get the event up and working.
You can be networking, testing, getting feedback and changing to deliver content of high quality to a qualified market.

The best part is your teammate can help you correct for mistakes and bobbles. Having to adjust is normal in any new enterprise and in rapidly changing markets. Teamwork and mentorship works.

Gain Networking Contacts and Referrals:
The membership forum and interactive format allows you fast ways to seek out and collaborate with progressive entrepreneurs in major cities around the country. Typical city-wide searching, topic searching, and level of player is all available at your fingertips, plus their history, their contacts, their network. This gives huge insights into who is doing what and why.

You can ask questions, open discussions, make offerings, be vulnerable in a relatively safe way.

I would not join if you are not willing to be transparent, for people see what you are doing over time. Authenticity pays. Here you cannot just ‘fake it to make it’ because your track record follows you around a bit.

Yet all inde’s know that change is authentic. Upgrading is desirable and necessary in this market. So you can change your message, change your content as is congruent with your growth.

The key is that who you are over time shows up in your contacts, your networking, and your actions. It shows up in your history, your attendance, your contribution, your give and take records. People who show up consistently for their friends, for events, to share and contribute to the community authentically get noticed, get a history, get networked, get compliments and recommendations. Good stuff. It makes it real. Biznik is not just a cute faceboard or reflection of a polished, superficial image. Over time I see that it demands that you show up. I like that.

Dynamically Upgrade your Brand Image:
Independent entrepreneurs are flexible and adaptable by their very indie nature. Therefore, you get to try on your marketing hats in a relatively safe way – and fast! It is a little like ‘working a room’ at a local business reception. Here online you have a way to see, look at, and track what you say and do as you revise and upscale your image. People talk and give you feedback right now if you ask, and listen.

You can move, change and adapt your look and presentation quickly 24-7 as fast as you get new ideas to revise and upgrade and streamline your image. It is like you are among friends, yet you stay current and move with the market. It sort of works like a GPS or a fast marketing navigation tool.

As I learned, I felt like I was working on a bulletin board, in a word processor, on a marketing flyer, e-mailing my friend, going to a cocktail party, and getting feedback all at once. Weird.

While it can at first seem a bit ‘big’, it is actually amazingly simple. It shortcuts the time. It has already saved me effort in laying up, e-mailing and sending things to friends.

The Biznik way you can:

Put a new image, or a new event, or a new article up, done and out the door in literally minutes with feedback within days.
Post an up-to-date marketing message online without having to create a whole new website. You can send prospects or colleagues here to see what you are doing right now, in the minute. It can take days or weeks to change your offerings in your website, to upgrade your blog and your established print media.
Work ‘In-The-Now’. You can always send people to your Biznik site to see what you are up to. And it doesn’t take your friends a lot of time to give feedback.
I invested just a few hours in learning by doing. I gave things away, and people showed up, gave me feedback, I adjusted.

I have gotten more out of the past month on Biznik regarding strategic marketing, than I got from years of older style networking with business owners in my community.

Why? It is set up for today. Quickness. Powerful. Synergistic. Impactful.

Biznik people are adapting to the world as it is transforming around them. Take part. This style of social marketing is a high return activity.

Where “Just One Thing” Produces Results

Success today is all about mental conditioning. Business is a brain game. Productivity is a brain game. Relationships are a brain game. Sports is a brain game. Even your body and your feelings are a brain game. Everything we do has to be processed through our brains. Our brains control our nervous systems, our physiology, our psychology. What our brains validate as real becomes real.

Some of you may argue that it is all about heart. Yes, I agree with that too…but there is a subtle difference. The brain chooses, the heart feels. The heart is actually a muscle, which seems to feel changes in emotions, which affects our desire and energy output.The brain turns it up and down.

Emotional feelings come after our brains collect data, interpret it and then within split seconds direct and produce the physiological response. Our physiological response gives us physical sensations that we feel into and through our hearts and our bodies. Our heart feeds data back up to our brains, and again an interpretation process happens.

After years of studying on how things happen, I have finally concluded that the tipping point of power and control is in our brains. It is in the spot before the unconscious and the conscious thoughts gain power.

A thought is not real. A thought is just an electrical impulse. A thought is just a thought until we empower it with interpretation and emotion. Then it becomes real. It is in that split second where you control your destiny. That is where things matter. In that split second we determine our results by mental application of emotional interpretations. Emotions become the passion that attracts our results.

A thought happens. We label the thought with an emotional interpretation causing a cascading effect happens. Our physiological response collects more thoughts and interpretations, and the rest ripples out and becomes history.

This is my interpretation of how it works. The ‘tipping point’ for me was talking with Nola Ayers, a gymnastics coach from here in Bellingham. Nola is not a normal coach. Nola is the winningest coach in high school gymnastics history with a 384 to 1 win-loss record over a 20 year period. Remarkable.

“How did she get this kind of result consistently over time in a normal school working with normal students? 384 to 1? Incredible.”

Of course, the answer is a bunch of things. Then, when I asked her what was the key difference between her results and others results, she said, “I taught my students that a thought is just a thought. It is not real. It is an electrical impulse…until you label it. It is in the interpretation that you control your results.” This is what she taught her gymnasts to control their results?

This is worth knowing.

Nola then gave further credit to Jim Loehr, the author of a book called “Toughness Training for Life”. In one chapter he explains the intricacy of how the brain regulates and controls the release of certain brain chemicals that control our physiological response. This controls how our body reacts or responds to our thoughts. He explains how successful people have developed mastery over this physiological response.

When you add this information up with quantum physics, human potential, and a bunch of other things, it’s insightful.

But I digress.

Back to the point. Fear is an emotional response to a thought. Since it is not real until you allow it to be, you then have the ability to control your response to the thought before it becomes destructive.

Here is what you can do. Mental conditioning workouts. Learn to differentiate illusion from reality. What’s the story vs the fact? Is the information real, or a drama? Notice what triggers which emotions, and either adjust your input or control your response.

For more on one of my key brain gym processes you can go to and click on the Convert to Joy Triangle Model. It will get you started. To buy Jim’s book, you can go to

This is not about false woo-woo stuff where you deny what is real in favor of fantasy and happiness thinking that provides a false sense of security. That is another form of illusion and denial. Thinking you can outthink the market by simply hoping the problems you have will go away is an illusion. It is a false interpretation of fact.

The fact is, the market is going through upheavals and upsets. Do not imagine that this is simple and it is just a glitch and we will go back to how it was. Get real. I do not say, get fear. I say stop, look, and listen and interpret your data with accuracy. Learn to discern the fact, from interpretation and opinions.

Get real. Get physical. Start noticing what is outside the proverbial glass house. What’s happening around the world? We do have problems. It is our responsibility to become part of the solution.

Fact: The world will never be as it was. Yesterday is gone. Period. You can bring it back in your memory and rehash it if you choose,but does that work? I found I lose time moving forward.

And when our world is changing fast, that time loss is a big deal.

Today we are in a global internet driven marketplace. What was real in business even 6 months ago is no longer real. The Internet has changed reality. Our political election and banking failures have changed reality.

Those are facts. How we react is up to us. I believe in looking forward into the future using accurate information about today. Your survival and thrival ability depends not on managing your fear, but on managing your thoughts before they become fear. Learn to focus on what really matters to you and affects results.

Figure out how you can control your emotional focus. I choose to direct thought towards solutions. What opportunity just opened up?

Get out of speculation and drama. It clutters the mind. Focus on what is of useful value. What does this fact mean to me right now or to the future? Is it relevant, or just more busy-ness, more ‘stuff’, more ‘story’? If it is not useful, do not spend more time on it. Look for data and information that is relevant, useful and that matters to your results today.

To be in business tomorrow, you gotta get real today. Now.

Antioch University Intentional Change Series

Antioch University is doing terrific things in their social change graduate program. Joy Gilfilen, the founder of was invited to speak there by Jeremy Meeds, a graduate student. Congratulations to these students for looking outside the box for information and new thought thinking. Joy did a 3-Part Intentional Change Lecture Series on the following topics:

“Flipping the Joy Switch: Change your Story, Change your Future”

“How Influential is the Power of Collaboration? We can do it!”

“How would the Human World work if it actually worked well? The Universal Pattern of Evolving Change Model”

Jeremy said that the students felt energized and far more aware of the potential for change as a result of the three lectures. One of the professors said it was “amazing to see how many different disciplines of information had been integrated into one simple model.  Outstanding.”

Way to go Co-Intelligence Institute!

Tom Atlee, author of The Tao of Democracy, has been putting his future thinking ideas into action since 1998. He has brought organizations together to awaken people’s awareness in collaborative intelligence through the Co-Intelligence Institute. You can check out his projects on that page.

They’ve been doing research, networking, advocacy work, and helping to organize leading edge conversations and experiments in order to take what is possible and weave it into wiser forms of society.

Another link on the website is to a new dictionary for change terms. We were fascinated to read the definition of barn-raising which is a historically wonderful way of getting things done. It could work, especially in this market. If you know anyone who has done anything like this in business today…please tell us, we’d love to know because we are thinking about doing it!

Jeremy Meeds, Graduate Student, Antioch University Seattle.

Appreciating Real Heroes

There are many people in life who are builders, leaders and innovators in business. They do business every single day – at home, at work, in their community. Many are obviously in business, many are not, but they are still leaders, and they each change the face of business every single day. Today I want to celebrate them.

Everyday heroes who never bring home an obvious championship ribbon or a gold medal. Some do their work behind the scenes, some are visible. Some help us sculpt visions in the fog, some dig foundations, some bury our loved ones when the time comes. Others sing or provide food for our construction workers. They give because they love, they care, they have a dream and are willing to grow to match the dream.

They are my living heroes. They live in the busy-ness of the day to day, doing business for their families, their communities, their companies. They are unique, diverse, compassionate, innovative. They provide contrast, new perspectives.

Of course there are the well-known people whose work I have studied and learned from. I will acknowledge them another day.

Today I want to acknowledge the flesh and blood heroes who are in my real life. In fact there are hundreds and thousands of these people who move through our lives. They contribute, touch us, and then they quietly go on about their business, moving back and forth. They give, without attachment, just because they do.

In fact, there are many who have actively contributed to the research and development of And they have contributed to the material that is being released through as well for they were part of the master learning process.

All their insights, contributions and work has not yet shown up in the physical form. It is still in creation, and I want to acknowledge them even before it shows up.

They were here in the beginning, before things were see-able, known, tangible. They felt it, trusted and gave of their wisdom and knowledge. They believed in the dream, in the desire and they gave it what they had to give. You are the heroes that make a difference – you were here before it was pretty.

I want to thank all of you who have had a hand in supporting and creating this vision, these websites and supporting change in exceptional ways. You have courage, heart and passion for life. Many of you have done future thinking with me. Or you did blueprinting, masterminding, editing, provided emotional support, or donated time to the projects, did research or contributed in any number of ways. Thank you for being people who believe in the common good – in a vision of a world that honors the individual, the community and the planet itself.

Some of you stand out as exceptional in this project. You have given with your hearts, your intellectual, financial, or physical resources. You have given the best you had to give, and I deeply appreciate you. These people include, and are not limited to, Doug Banner, Rick France, Wenty Hill, Katie Lawson, Elizabeth Fletcher Brown, Larry Paille, Brita Adkinson, Cheryl Gonzalez, John Easterling. More include Joe Hill, Shannon Evans, Heather McKenzie, Meredith Murray, Laura Sullivan, John Davis, Oliver Markley, Sandy Vosk, Daimon Sweeney, Nicole Gruendl, Randy Stuppard, Russell Cox, Stewart Levine, Christina Lilienthal, Jack Waytz, Michael Corson, Renae Rogers, Fran Allen, Ann Christi, Michael Light, Philip Brautigam, David Wiseman, Bev and Gord Donald.

And there are hundreds of people who I have worked with, learned from and challenged with my ideas, projects and vision. Some of you had to ‘fight with me’ so we could learn some lesson, some have nurtured and supported my heart when it got battered, bruised and torn. Some of you provided a nugget of wisdom that has bloomed into a whole new world of ideas. I could not possibly list all of you here, for it goes for pages and pages. I tried one day, and the list just got bigger and bigger. Thank you for your desire and willingness to participate full out in my life.

I want to especially acknowledge my family, my husband Gary and our two sons, Derek and Brian. They loyally stand by me and support the intense work that it takes to bring a heart dream into reality. Being my family is not always easy, for they live with the imperfections. They watch the ebb and flow of change as I strive, stumble, learn and grow in vision and in reality. They’ve shared our home, our food, time and resources with many others along the way.

They have served as my resource, inspiration, motivation. Unwittingly they have sometimes been my test pilots, guinea pigs, cheerleaders, human workshop projects, or muscles. They have challenged, inspired, loved and put up with me as I have pushed the limits of personal or emotional endurance, theirs and mine. They have loved me.

Sometimes that has been a challenge, for while my name might be Joy, I am not always a joy to live with and be around. I am constantly changing. I am revising my models, which are already outside the box of normal paradigms. Being a pathfinder, a visionary and a leader of change stresses the family pattern. They have become masters of change in their own way…learning how to hold steady and true as ideas and visions percolate, ferment and gain form, then structure, then physical life.

Thank you to all of you, you have mattered and mattered and then mattered some more. You are the real heroes on this planet, people who contribute at different levels with your body, mind, and spirit, following your heart and loving deeply.

You are my real, living human heroes. You are the people who strive and win, strive and stumble, strive and learn and then strive again. Thank you for being so human. You are terrific. You make a difference.

Joy Gilfilen, Founder

Under Stress, The Opportunity Is “To Do What Really Matters!”

People pay for what matters because it matters. It is relevant to their life. The marketplace is asking for dramatic change. Your freedom as entrepreneurs is to find the answers and provide them.

Typically when we get scared, we constrict, tighten up, hunker down, we lower our sights to focus on the short term, the little things. Survival.

The more productive action is to become aware of and adapt to the new situation on purpose. Consciously and intentionally relax, look up, breathe in the scents and smells of the world around you and expand your vision bigger so you can thrive! Become a builder, a leader, an innovator.

Even while you pay attention and act on the little things, you can also look broader, sniff around – see the new resources and opportunity that a fresh market provides.

It’s like a weather change. Life still happens, it just happens different.

Right now I hear people telling us to start looking at budgets, to hold back on expenses, to examine your resources, consider discounting and making different deals. I agree. It’s always smart to be good at business, with a caveat: Don’t do it from a place of fear energy.

➢ Do change your mind. Do it from a mental space of joy in discovery of what is new! Joyful energy attracts different ideas, resources and opportunity. Do it from the place of curiosity and enthusiasm, like a bloodhound on a new trail. Do it because some new critters just showed up that you need to sniff out and find out about. It’s fun!

➢ Do it simply as good business. Your financial world should always reflect intelligent money management. Do it because you see an opportunity to get sharp and in tune with today’s financial market. Do it because you can…you are adaptable, nimble and capable and it is exciting to check out the new territory.

➢ Do it from a place of expansion and listening. What opportunities are out there? What previously unseen resources could you gather now that the market is fresh, different, open to new thinking? The sleuthing you do in the market, especially around what others are doing, will show you gaps that can yield new marketing ideas, new service methods, new vistas. When you find opportunities you don’t want to take advantage of, share the idea with someone else who could? Be a resource to others.

➢ Do it because it matters! It matters to you, your family and our collective future as a species. Think about it this way. You are an entrepreneur in the country that is still the leader in the free world. That means you are a builder, a leader of entrepreneurial innovation. Think about that, and act with consideration for the role you play. You are in a position to matter.

➢ Think fast, and do it now, because now is a perfect time for you to decide to build a business that makes a difference for all our futures. If you want to shift or refine your focus, now is a good time.

Yes, right now the market is in upheaval and people are looking for all new answers. They are primed and ready to embrace new solutions that work.

Here is the key to long-term success in a fast changing market: Yes, people may want short-term deals, and people dearly want long-term answers. So find a way to do both in your company, and they will act on the solutions you provide.

The opportunity for dramatic change is here, so you might as well think big.

In times of uncertainty people want hope, they want vision and they want big answers. They will pay for them. People have been deeply worried about the future, about our environmental situation, about the globalization of markets, shifts in our cultures and climate change. They have been worried about their teenagers who are not graduating or are on medication or other drugs. They have been worried about toxins, consumerism, excess consumption, loss of biodiversity. They want solutions. They want new leaders with new ideas.

The financial upheaval is a result and reflection of all that other worry. In achievement coaching, we teach that we get what we envision with passion. And we have been passionately envisioning some pretty miserable things. So why be surprised that we created the current situation?

And why not proactively change the vision? I mean our real vision? Let’s take responsibility for our future. Why not take this opportunity to think outside our old short-term box and set our sights on building businesses that really matter to our big, collective long-term human vision?

Why not help create a world we want, a world that works, a world that is vitally healthy and rich with humanity?

(If you want to link to an article I wrote on how to make this mental switch, you can read my Convert to Joy article on 

I figure it this way.

If we have to modify and adapt anyway – Why not be useful? Why not make a difference that really matters? If you have to shift a bit anyway in your business, why not make a big shift? A shift is a shift – it still takes work and planning and action.

Why not go green, go sustainble? Then why not take it to the next level of restorative, regenerative, and revitalizing? Why not go real? You will be novel, you will be on trend, you will be doing something that matters, and you will be significant in a time where people want what is significant.

They want relevancy.

Besides, it is truly fun to be useful and you will feel better about everything around you. You will be desireable. And the market likes that.

Why not sniff out the possibilities of how you could do it all the way and become a part of the real solutions to problems that we have on the planet?

This kind of thinking achieves several things:

1. It gets us out of the knee jerk reaction of survival and the doom and gloom of today. It releases the negative attraction issue.

2. It puts us into a new focal point, a new perspective that puts us into a calmer space of distance and timing. It puts us into a space of attraction.

3. It allows us to breathe deep and we can gain focus on what really matters to our core long term, and the current vector splatter that clutters the brain goes away. It leaves us in a listening space of resourcefulness and inspiration.

You can do this alone, or with your staff and colleagues. As we do this, we start to settle down, think clearer and with deliberate intention. We start to think we matter, and we do. And this by itself is significant.

You are significant. The fact that you are an entrepreneur in this space and time is significant. That you are reading this article is significant.

Now, from this space we each can make better decisions that are congruent with our hearts. The quality of our choices improves. This saves time and money both short and long term, for the actions taken become solid and intentional. This conserves energy and waste. That matters.

Do take this time to reassess and recalculate. Take time to center and ground into your core. When you do this, you can come out of the gate in this new market as a resource to the world around you. And people want that. They’ll want you and what you are selling, because you have assessed the market, and you know what matters and you have become the leader. You took the time to put on the hat of the leader and to think like one. You thought first, and responded appropriately. This means you have common sense and this gives hope and confidence to those around you.

So do the reconnoiter. Adapt and respond to what really is. Do your homework…not from fear. Do it from a true desire to be well, to contribute and provide real value to your clients, your staff, to the world around you. Focus on and intend to manage your business in a way that matters and find ways to make a real difference.

You can be a builder, an innovator, and a leader for the world you want to create. I believe in you. And you will succeed as a matter of course. It is inevitable.

Green – Flushable Diapers! Bio-Degradeable!

How about that! Hurray, gDiapers, where the ‘g’ stands for green…where the manufacturer says they contain no plastic or latex, no elemental chlorine, perfumes, inks or dyes. Also that they biodegrade in 150 days, compared to 500 years for a plastic diaper! So even if tossed in the trash rather than flushed, they still biodegrade! I used to feel really bad taking care of my little ones, knowing that we were creating so much landfill! Now I know the trend is here to find solutions…and people have been working on it, and the product has been out in the market…yet I am only now hearing about it! Let’s pass the news, and get more businesses to carry them!

There is a burgeoning trend towards what is called eco-parenting, where people look for products just like this, products that are safer and cleaner for the environment! In this case, there is an outer shell that is washed and reused, and the inner stuffing is flushable and will break apart when stirred around with something called a “swishstick”.

You might be able to find them at your local Whole Foods Market, or go online to It appears that there is quite a demand for these diapers, and the demand is already higher than traditional diapers! In fact the numbers show a 15% higher sales rate over conventional diapers already! That is almost unbelievable!

I am personally really proud of the folks who put this all together. Way to Go! As a Mom of two sons, I am grateful to know that others have a quality alternative to plastics! If any of you have used them, let us know how they work! Joy

Oscars – Inconvenient Truth Sparked a Wave!

When I watched the Oscars back in May, and saw the standing applause when Al Gore was introduced, and he announced that the Oscars, the company was making a commitment to green business, I felt that I was watching a historic moment, where we were seeing a precursor of a sea change coming in waves for business!

And a month later I saw the speed pick up and today I see the evidence everywhere, from more and more news in the local papers, to series on television news, to articles in magazines, what I hear people talking about…it’s everywhere! Congratulations to all of the people who have been working so diligently to “Go, Green”!

And hurray to the Oscars for being willing to step up the the plate. And hurray to Al Gore for producing such a heart-opening film that brought a complex subject down to earth. And for the Oscars voters to recognize the significance of it.

Thank you to all of the thousands of people who are doing your part to make a difference…every little bit helps! What have you noticed happening in your news and in your area that is more evidence of people paying attention and taking great actions to give us a lighter footprint on the planet? Or what changes have you made lately as a result of that movie, or of your awareness?


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