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Reclaiming Lives: Restoration – Recovery – Education

As President of the Restorative Community Coalition since 2010, it took awhile to understand the issues of incarceration as a destructive force in our country. In this short film some of our coalition members worked with college interns to explain how we must break the habit of self-destructive behavior as a society. It shows how we can rebuild our social fabric for our children. Please take the time to watch the credits and hear some feedback.

As a speaker, coach and writer Joy is spearheading a local to global leadership movement for Championing Change at every level in our world. It is a grassroots movement, for what we do individually ripples out to affect others in a cascading effect. In this 4 minute audio, Joy explains why she believes why we together, thorugh teamwork, can collectively change our future.

This paradigm-shifting worldview defines the simplicity of Joy’s core operating philosophy. While the work underlying that simple concept is complex in its understanding, the application of her work to the field of social science is significant. It is visionary and forward thinking.

Joy says, “The past is just spilled milk. It’s gone. The only thing we can change is the future. The only way we can change the future is to understand the present. And that means we have to understand who we are, how the world works, and how change happens. That is why I created a science to diagram it so that we can stay centered, even in chaos. It is a human achievement applied science, that I call The Science of Intentional BioEnergetics(TM) or IBE. “Bio” means life. “Energetics” is the energy or divine force that compells the perpetuation of life. So the science of Intentional BioEnergetics is the science of understanding our creative power so we can intentionally use it to do good things. It Life force has a pattern of repetitive and constant change.”

Joy developed the IBE science in 1992 and has been perfecting, diagramming, testing and applying the skills to numerous situations across many disciplines with great success, and is now using it in civic, social, and professional settings to help people manage complex situations successfully.

OnTheGo(TM) Change Management training tools were developed from the original diagrammatical science, and are now used for empowering individual excellence, and for developing professional self-leadership and self-control. She has developed training for enterprise development coaching, and exponential collaboration coaching.

Joy says, “While it is really a simple 9-step science, it comes alive and becomes a leadership craft and an civic art when we can learn how to apply it in different situations.  I is especially nice to use the core work to help people team up across diverse platforms to achieve compound postive results for everyone. It is essentially sportsmanship and human potential coaching.  We help others achieve excellence, and then we tap into and use the power of the human heart…and our combined passion then goes to work on purpose. Once we do this, we can cause quantum leaps in consciousness, in business and social systems.”

History:  A business consultant, conference facilitator and speaker for over 20 years, Joy has been a top 3% income earner, leadership and free enterprise trainer and producer in the network marketing industry. She became a corporate consultant, publisher, writer of newsletters, author and publisher of various trade pieces and training manuals. She has served in various executive roles in private, non-profit, civic, social and educational organizations. Starting in business at a young age as a sales rep. reporter, and community galvanizer, Joy is now a producer of educational movies, conferences, leadership and personal growth trainings.  Joy’s work is all about raising the level of vitality in our communities for the benefit of our children and our earth. A snapshot:

  • Spearheaded the Fairhaven 1990 Task Force which helped Fairhaven become an urban village, helped attact the Alaska Ferry.
  • Pioneered the Lasers and Fibers in Optics conferences and expanded the reach of SPIE globally.
  • Managed the Bellingham-Whatcom County Visitor and Convention Bureau as it grew from a one-room fledging into a full four location organization with 40 volunteers.

President of Restorative Community Coalition since 2010. When Joy found out the problems we had in Whatcom County  with incarceration, and then across the nation with the expansion of regulations and the privatization of prisons, she stopped selling and started listening to figure out the problem.  She recognized the societal depression, trauma and economic fallout on the lower and middle classes.  Rather than taking her trailblazing leadership work to market, Joy chose instead to invest her time in more research.

As a result, Joy has diagrammed the social-economic-civic problems we have, for the purpose of transforming the situation for the benefit of the future.   “I have discovered why the incarceration industry is so out of bounds in America.  It is rooted in a flawed belief that has perpetuated over time into a calcified bureaucratic system that is consuming our children and our freedom. The flawed belief is that punishment is good, that people are bad. That simply doesn’t prove to be true, and it doesn’t work to build a strong and healthy country.  It is contraindicated.  It creates trauma, waste and is self-destructive to everyone.  Punishment feeds poverty, dysfunctional behavior and abuse.  It is literally at the root of economic failure in America. We have created a co-dependent bureaucratic/government contractor and institutional bottleneck that is causing a form of societal gangrene that is imploding our social, economic and civic structures.”

Campaigning in 2015 to become the Whatcom County Executive.  Joy says, “This is why I have chosen to become a “Champion of Change” in the public sector.  I never intended to go into politics.  I worked in the legistature for over 12 months over four years in Olympia and decided I did not like politics.  Today I find it is essential action for me to become the Whatcom County Executive. My goal is to help transform our oversized and calcified systems into a new, vibrant economic model.  I  will be working on the taxpayers behalf to change the way we do business in our community…from the grassroots up, even as I lead with vision from the top down.  Together, we have to cross political, institional and organizational barriers to restore honor and integrity in our community at every level.  We must meet in the middle to restore our economy for the poor, the middle class – for all of us, and for our children’s future. To me, this is right action.”

It is not business as usual anymore, and Joy Gilfilen has built systems that can help individuals, organizations and communities transform from the old world of habits, to a new world where people come first.

Products and Trainings available:

  • Flipping the Joy Switch DVD – a 45 min. educational video about self-empowerment.  Uses the Joy Triangle Model(TM) to coach emotional resilience using visual tools, and neuro-science skills in a hands-on way to break addiction patterns.  It is a high results based method to teach quickly how to replace old, self-destructive habits with a new set of self-coaching and personal navigation leadership habits.
  • ChoicePoint Concert – a personal documentary DVD with Shawn Gallaway, a singer-songwriter from Nashville performing songs and discussion his evolution from a business major/soccer player to becoming a musician promoting conscious music around the world.
  • OnTheGo(TM) Change Management Facilitation – a series of workshops, tools and programs that demonstrate how we can use our emotional intelligence in numerous ways to help us adapt in business, social, family and community venues to navigate through change easier and more productively, even under deep stress.
  • Civic Snookeries(TM) Workshops – Proprietary training tools such as the The Joy Triangle Model, the Intentional Change Model, the   Appreciating Society Model, the Roadmap to Conscious Change, the Seismic Change Diagram and the Web 3.0 diagram help groups see the world differently than in the past.  These tools help us learn how to identify various cultural, class, economic, and social biases and storytraps in thinking that limit opportunities.  They help us see mis-communication patterns, which them promote a resolution of differences, and that leads to new pathways and potentails for the future.

All of these products are designed to help people become aware of human issues which are at the roots of all problems.  As we can release stuck emotions we learn to see decomposing systems in a new way…as compost for the future.  Once we do this, we can begin to see new and emerging trends. This allows people to effectively gather fresth resources, reinvent and then team up with unfamiliar and new groups to pioneer change and new economic opportunities in a high speed, global world.

As a successful trailblazer and maverick entrepreneur since the 70’s, Joy has learned how to work in the creative void of possiblities.  She is comfortable working with the unknown and unseen.  She has a background in farming, real estate, fishing, restoration, sports and more.

Joy started her first coaching company, Vitality Inc in 1992 wroking in the field of organic living foods and business development.  At the turn of the turn of the century, Joy realized that the world had changed, so she added on and adapted. She got involved with social media, internet marketing and eventually launched UnitingCreatives.com and has been doing conferences, trainings and proposing new ways for communities to do business. Uniting Creatives submitted the Four Pillars Waterfront Development Project to the Port and the City of Bellingham in reply to the RFP, as a way to develop the high end waterfront as a Whatcom County collaboration.  She has produced several visionary conferences in Whatcom County such as the International Peace Day Event, the Community Visionaries Conference, the Social Media, Social Change conference, and most recently the Vibrant Futures Conference.

Another Vibrant Futures sponsored conference is on the horizon called: Restorative Economics: Reclaiming our Nation from Incarceration through Collaboration.

Watch for it…June 28-30, 2015.

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