Speaking & Vitality

Ever wondered why winners "have passion"...yet losers "are emotional"?  It's he difference between harnessing your emotions on purpose...or being reactive.  As a leader, learning to not be reactive and to instead be responsive is key to success!  Flipping the Joy Switch (from fear to joy) and E-Motion-SAS (Sensory Awareness System) are two start-up workshops.  Joy is a Train-the-Trainer certified speaker/facilitator who makes it fun to learn how to build up emotional passion, power and adaptability!

Leadership & Business

Joy is an author, speaker, producer, trainer, and innovator who helps people emotionally manage change so they can stay grounded and focused. Based on The Natural Change Model, she uses three key tools:  1) Spiral Stickies Process, 2) Timelining, and 3) FutureThinking to help groups of people rise above fear, bridge differences, connect at heart and discover their own creative potential.  Quantum leaping is possible!

Civics & Systems

Joy Gilfilen loves helping other trailblazers to successfully apply The Joy Method: Proven Leadership Tools for Personal, Business and Civic Innovation.  Intentional Change Charts, MasterMapping  Methods, and Quantum Potential braintrust tools help people in diverse communities learn by doing leadership - not just talking about it!  By just "doing it" you get things done! 


"Joy brings Joy to the World. She provides accessible, powerful tools and principles that enable people to access the best of themselves and, in so doing, the best of each other."

Stewart Levine, Author of 'The Book of Agreement' and 'Getting to Resolution'

JoyTalks: Civics - Problems and Opportunities

This 1st episode of JoyTalks 2019 is no nonsense.  Blindspots: Unexpected Findings from Jail Trauma Research is a several part discussion about how Joy discovered and charted the very human and emotional roots of systematic and pandemic violence in America - and surprisingly found great hope for our future. 

It may seem odd to be talking about research into  jails, trauma and mass incarceration when Joy's primary body of work with The Joy Method is about promoting human excellence and peak performance.  Ironically, Joy never wanted to do this jail and trauma research.  However the course of work, demanded it.  In this podcast series, you will discover with Joy how her own preconceived ideas of the problem had blinded her to listening to the real nexus of the problem.  Yet, by opening up and listening, she was able to discover and discern new knowledge that yielded an extraordinary finding that gives powerful clues about how we can transform the political, civic and social issues in America. Check it out. 

Big IDEA:  Why Not Divest from Jails and Invest in People!

Cognitive dissance bred curiosity about how to make corrections in how to do better business for our community.  So as you listen to the recordings, think about how you might apply the knowledge to change our systems.  Perhaps, like Joy, you may discover how this research:


  • Uncovers how our human trust in each other, and our trust in a system that gives privilege, prestige and power to authorities has become our unwitting Achilles Heel. (And is shows how we can restore honor to our systems.)
  • Illustrates how seductive tax addiction is; how it has developed an unsustainable and contrarian business model that fuels the systemic violence perpetuated by habitualized government, institutional and multi-national corporate behaviors.  (The good news is that habits can be changed.)
  • It provides clues to why we are vulnerable and what we can do about it LOCALLY.  (Local Counties are the pivot foot where the Optimal Point of Maximum Leverage - OPML - can be used to reverse trends.  This OPML is inside our local control where we can talk to each other.)

This diagram shows how we can shift our thinking to build a fresh economy that is not focussed on taking away freedoms while increasing taxes and growing government and law.  Instead, if we change our focus we can begin investing in our communities, and be focussed on growing local, living economies. 

Unwittingly, Joy has discovered a  nexus point: the awareness that jails grow not because people are necessarily "criminals" but because we the people have been taught to give away our own responsibility to self-manage inside our families and inside our communities.  We expect "the law" to fix everything - and they cannot do that -- they are called in at the last possible moment. 

How it works is that the 911 call is typically the pivot foot of 1st contact with law enforcement.   It is the least effective spot to ask someone with a badge to step in.  It puts everyone into fear mode.    Oddly it is also the point where implicit bias is activated under duress, with a preponderance of hyper-sensitized fear, and inevitably without awareness and good judgement.

Ironically, it is at the point of misfortune where we have choice. 

It is in our community's deepest emotional vulnerability where we have the opportunity to stop reactionary abuse, reverse tax addiction, strengthen families, rebuild our workforce and heal hearts.  Local cooperatives can work at the Optimal Point of Maximum Leverage (OPML) to get the highest and best return on taxpayers time, money and resources.  For more about this go here. 

In the meantime, check it out.  Joy will be posting more information about how and why she believes this research has uncovered an emotional pivot foot for civic innovation.  It is sitting in the miserable underbelly of society.  It may be the nugget to inspire and inflame the "fire in the belly" of enterprising champions of decency. 

Joy believes we can "come together to change our world" by literally coming together in our local communities to fan the flames of passion.  We can unite and team up to turn the fear of incarceration and decay into the joyful passion of figuring out how to reverse engineer our systems so we can rebuild our democracy, our economy and our future for generations to come.  

Watch for the release of Joy's vision as she writes about how our local communities can participate in "Doing the Grand Turnaround"...