Joy’s Method: Troubleshoot the pain to discover civic choicepoints

Joy talked with others when running for Whatcom County Sheriff – 2019

Blindspots: Digging into the civic disease from mass incarceration

JoyTalk Show: Blindspot Series from 2019

Blindspots Series – 2019 Overview – Episode 1

Episode 2 reveals how confused people are about how the justice system works, what is is, and what happens to people who get arrested.  As a result people have opinions about everything, but they are based on stories, politics and flawed or inaccurate training, or because people work in silos and have specialized knowledge, but do not know how the rest of the system works…bottomline, just the process of an arrest presumes guilt, and costs are incurred by anyone arrested and their family, that punishes the family – so the idea that people are innocent until proven guilty is a misnomer.

Joy Gilfilen Public Speaking in 2015 – Local Justice Reform Now PAC

This video is Joy’s Opening remarks that came from the Local Jail Reform Now Panel where Joy discusses her experience of finding out how the entire Justice System is riddled with misconceptions, leaving the voters and people involved in the system confused and vulnerable to be preyed upon by the people who sells the building of jails as their job.

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