Joy Riders – Theme Song for the JoyGilfilen and JoyTalks

Joy Riders is the theme song that inspires people to team up with Joy to bring conscious change, civic leadership and personal activism together.  Joy originally wrote it, then Shawn Gallaway and Joy collaborated on it to this version.  It was used to inspire some of the thinking to create first the Joy Talks Radio interviews, and now to inspire the Cosmic Cowgirl and the Joy Riders to speak out about troubleshooting civic problems so we can turn them into opportunities to transform our future!

Joy recognizes that fueling energetic feelings is part of the process of manifesting change in our world – so she built a song that would inspire others to team up all around the world with joyful gusto, passion to put love in motion!  So here it is!  Enjoy it!  Shawn is an internally recognized singer-songwriter who has written and performed many theme songs for others.  Joy and Shawn teamed up to produce the film ChoicePoint – Uniting Creatives with Love and Vitality; to produce Shawn’s album Livin’ Love, and to produce the concert called Conscious Music, Conscious Nashville in 2011!

Since that time, Shawn has received two international peace song awards!


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