The “Art of Intentional Change Leadership” Presented by Joy Gilfilen

Mastering the art of intentional change leadership means first learning about nature and its natural change processes.  Then learning about yourself as a living system, and how you are part of nature.  This means you are intricately, intimately, and inevitably a part of the spiralic systems and cycles of life.  Everything works in growth and decaying patterns.

The way of the new leader requires the rapid ability to adapt to change, under pressure, with increasingly compound emotional compression as our world changes.  We are experiencing rapid shifts in our awareness, even as intense technology is speeding up our internal processing unit – our brain and its connection to our heart.  Our nervous system can overload as we have to integrate more and more information.  And we experience what I call “brownouts” as we cannot always keep us…and seek to slow down.

Joy has developed a proprietary self-leadership model that is based on Joy’s proprietary achievement science called Intentional BioEnergetics (IBE) (or harnessing the power of your life force energy and passion to change course, to achieve productive results faster).

This model is a living systems model of understanding the ebbs and flows of natural life (and of achievement) as things develop from an idea to a concept, to a product, to the disintegration, expansion, or revolution of the product to the next level.  It is a kind of birth, growth, death, and rebirth process.

This natural systems understanding integrates with the human need to grow, achieve, and become fulfilled in our lives.  The concepts of intentional visionary action with the mechanics of understanding how the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life allow us to see that we all are inevitably expanding and contracting as we all move through time and space.    Joy’s 9-step model shows how natural change is inevitable, and then how this relates to our personal lives, to our professional and even our non-physical world where we can only talk about the body/mind/spirit worlds.  Joy’s concepts are fresh, new, and are all about tapping into personal passion, living systems, and achievement.  Her talks apply to self-awareness type audiences and especially to free enterprise-focused or activist groups.


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