Announcing the release of Cracking the Rich Code – a new book co-authored by Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington that includes a chapter by Joy Gilfilen, “Quantum Leadership using the Natural Change Model”!  I am honored to be included as one of the co-authors!

My article in this book is all about understanding how to see the world in different layers, and how to see it in motion over time as we relate to it. I have used my life well – learning how to understand the multi-facetted layers of personal, social, civic and global impacts.  Today it is time to help our many different niche markets understand that we are all still just humans, part of the natural cycles of life and learning to work together in a fast moving economy when society is under stress is a big deal.

My goal in being part of this book is to enroll the entrepreneurial industry in the process of civic change and evolutionary thinking.  It is time to take back our economy from the domination of  multi-national corporations who are undermining the integrity of free enterprise in America.

People talk like all business is the same – and it is not.  There are huge difference between those of us who are solo-entrepreneurs, those who are small business networkers, or artisans and consultants, and those who are considered “small business owners” and “local community retailers” in a community.  And then there is this gigantic leap to those who are government corporations, non-profit corporations, commercial corporations and then all the way up to huge institutional corporations and quasi-government corporations!

Watch for news about how to order the book online!  Hurray, it is almost here – due out in April!

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