Joy Gilfilen is the creator of The Joy Method and host of JoyTalks a podcast series for personal, business or civic leadership education. Joy has been an entrepreneur for over four decades, and has developed The Joy Method for helping others achieve quantum leadership excellence while living in world that is under high stress, compressed pressure and accelerated change. Joy is a speaker, author, producer and especially loves to help people succeed who are striving to change their world!

Shawn Gallaway presents an extraordinary and highly personal concert where he tells the story of his evolution from a young boy growing up in a family that expected him to excel in sports and business into a man who discovered he was an artist instead.  So it is a singing story of his life, as he moved from one transition of life to another as he evolved into a nationally recognized and internationally known troubadour!  He is a singer, songwriter and artist who pioneered conscious music, and transformational music helping to bring peace to the world!

Joy Gilfilen as the host and executive producer of this concert invited Shawn to share his process as a leadership artisan growing up, for it is a story of perseverance, manhood, and emotional maturation in a time where many feel that artisans are “less than” – when in fact, artisans are the true emotional leaders of change.

Shawn performs several of the songs he has written and performed for some of the other master teachers of our time.  One of his signature songs is I Choose Love – which has earned many awards!


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