Election Distress – Irene Morgan & Ava Sakowski

11-02-1021 – Joy interviews Irene Morgan, Founder of the Restorative CommUnity Coalition, and Ava Sakowski, a civicly involved businesswoman about the pressures people are feeling in the context of the 2020 Presidential elections, and the extreme social, economic, human displacement, grief and emotional upheaval felt as they are dealing with the covid crisis, impeachment, extreme political trauma and the impacts on family, friends and careers.

Irene has been a long time volunteer out-reach worker to men and women who have been homeless, in trauma from being displaced or upended by an arrest and incarceration. The disorientation is huge, and often people are left with no resources, broken families, in poverty and without networks to help them.

Covid crisis impacts are different, yet very similar as jobs are lost, incomes are stripped away, isolation and trauma pile up as friends and family are often left without resources. Irene shares her cultivated long-time practices that keep her calm during a time of civic stress, civic unrest, and how that collides with our sense of well being. it is critical on our way back to vitality, that we acknowledge the distress of this time.

The Impacts of an Arrest Cause Mental Health Symptoms within Hours

JoyTalk #2 BLINDSPOTS – PreConceptions Revealed by the Jail Trauma Study

Talking about a key unexpected finding – that people sustain extreme shock and trauma in the first 24-72 hours after an incident happens that leads to an arrest and jailing.  This is way before they get a defense attorney. This is the key to reducing harm caused after a 911 call leads to an arrest. Why?  People reported similar extreme symptoms that are listed in a Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder definition. And most did not have these kinds of extreme conditions prior to the arrest and jailing.


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