How to Stop Manipulation #1-2016

Simple Tools for Building Emotional Resilience To Take Control of Your Life

This is a tool for self-leadership and personal achievement specifically designed for youth, coaches, and storytellers to understand the power of learning to convert the emotion of fear “from” into joy “to” achieve a better outcome. Introducing the Joy Triangle Model as a tool for understanding how fear impacts your emotional resilience levels and how you can do emotional pivoting immediately to change your personal capacity to create joy and energy in your life instead.  In this training platform, people learn how to use this visual diagram to change their emotional state “on a dime” as they say.


Triangulating fear and converting it into an emotionally powerful joy response.

In this DVD, and in the subsequent trainings, please learn how to:

1)  Recognize fear emotions

2)  ‘StoryTrap’ their emotional reactions so they can reverse their reaction

3)  Notice their fastest method to divert fear energy in the body so it can be transformed into personal power

4)  Leverage the “story” reactivity into and a “curiosity” or leadership response to maximize the power of the reaction

5)  Then, set your vision to what you want to achieve and live into that – searching for the opportunity in the situation.

These five methods are ways you can help yourself with immediate self-intervention to turn fear into courageous and innovative action.  This allow people ways that they can shift their energy and focus under stress so they be increase their performance by maximizing their personal power of leverage.


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