Civic Collision+ Civic Trauma + Civic Shock = Compound Civic Domestic Violence

Whatcom County 98225 – Compound Civic Domestic Violence is a 90 minute powerpoint video I did that takes a broad-spectrum look into homelessness vs “the law” as I witnessed it break out in Bellinghan on January 28, 2021 when the “police sweep of the Homeless Camp 210” in Bellingham happened a day earlier than anticipated.

This video is an ethnographic case study reflection and analysis of what happened in our community that day as I wtinessed it.  Then an inside look at what happened across the civic systems that day and in the few weeks afterwards as homeless hazing continued.  My goal is to provide a new view of what happened that while humanized, is not intended to polarize.  It is intended to provide a civic systems disease diagnosis of why our government systems have been producing poverty and mental illness, and criminal behavior – when that is the opposite of our desire.  Why are we replicating abusive habits that are hurtful to all of us?

It is a look through the eyes of a business leader who has been looking for solutions; hands-on studying the issues of law, jail and justice system reform, poverty and homelessness, the criminalization of poverty, addiction and mental illness – and the issues of constitutional law, freedom, business and enterprise in America.  It includes reflection, research and time I spent working with hundreds of volunteers, the homeless, police and civic-minded people involved in providing services to the people afterwards – as weather went below freezing and winter survival conditions set in.  As volunteers and the homeless people were increasingly  traumatized and dealing with real survival needs.

I was there on January 28, unwittingly coming to do peace making work, and found myself mitigating trauma for the homeless and people throughout the crowd.  So I felt the impact as hundreds of officers and employees from multiple federal, state, county and city law enforcement agencies surrounded blocks of our central city.  The area was cordoned off, law enforcement no-cross lines established, and sniper positions set up with cameras, guns and drones.  Compelled by the police lines, batons, shields and the actions of more city employees, the homeless felt trapped and boxed in with their tents and limited possessions (volunteers were there to help them pick up the pieces of their lives).  They had basically one clear way to leave.  Then over the next hours they were herded  out of the area with heavy equipment and law enforcement.  The homeless were terrified, some arrested, some melting down emotionally.  With the deep fear of potential arrest, they left during a covid lockdown emergency, with limited opportunities to find safety, shelter or sanitation.

I watched the varying degrees of psychological distress and emotionally complex trauma show up in the homeless, in the police, in elected officials, in employees of the city, in protestors, in volunteers, in media, civil rights observers, social workers and literally thousands of people over a period of hours.  It was exaccerbated because in a small community many people know people on all sides of the situation and are dealing with friends, family, associates and colleagues along the way.

And then I watched the media story tell, the marketing by political extremists, the law enforcement officials justify their actions, the civic leaders avoiding accountability…and the disaster to our community as it became clear we were in the middle of a caste collision…and the people of rank would dominate those who were powerless and had no resources.  It was clearly a case of domestic violence – civic style – where “the law” was in charge of createing were the abusive parents, and the taxpayers of all kinds would pick up  the tab and pay the price one way or another.

JoyTalk : Youth, Trauma & Metabolizing Stress

As part of this Civic Vitality Series, Joy talks with a local team of community leaders, educators, therapists, community activists.  In this delightful conversation, Laura Widman and Raelyn Kaplin founders of InJoy Life Lab talk with Joy and other local community college students and a parent about community practices, services, and support needed across generations.  They specifically have created a way to engage youth during this time of the Covid Crisis so they deal with the fear, the isolation and the various restrictions imposed.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress: Chericka Ashmann

On Nov, 3, 2020 on the Presidential election day in the US, Joy speaks with Chericka Ashmann, LICSW, MHP, CMHS, CCTP who specializes in trauma and PTSD, anxiety, and substance use because of the amount of distress people were dealing with across the community.  They discuss the compound civic pressure that is leading to Complex Post Traumatic Stress, #CivicStress, #CivicShock as they are relevant to what all people are going through not just relating to the election, but dealing with the complex issues from the Covid Crisis, the impeachment issues, social conflict and more.  

Election Distress – Irene Morgan & Ava Sakowski

11-02-1021 – Joy interviews Irene Morgan, Founder of the Restorative CommUnity Coalition, and Ava Sakowski, a civicly involved businesswoman about the pressures people are feeling in the context of the 2020 Presidential elections, and the extreme social, economic, human displacement, grief and emotional upheaval felt as they are dealing with the covid crisis, impeachment, extreme political trauma and the impacts on family, friends and careers.

Irene has been a long time volunteer out-reach worker to men and women who have been homeless, in trauma from being displaced or upended by an arrest and incarceration. The disorientation is huge, and often people are left with no resources, broken families, in poverty and without networks to help them.

Covid crisis impacts are different, yet very similar as jobs are lost, incomes are stripped away, isolation and trauma pile up as friends and family are often left without resources. Irene shares her cultivated long-time practices that keep her calm during a time of civic stress, civic unrest, and how that collides with our sense of well being. it is critical on our way back to vitality, that we acknowledge the distress of this time.

The “Art of Intentional Change Leadership” Presented by Joy Gilfilen

Mastering the art of intentional change leadership means first learning about nature and its natural change processes.  Then learning about yourself as a living system, and how you are part of nature.  This means you are intricately, intimately, and inevitably a part of the spiralic systems and cycles of life.  Everything works in growth and decaying patterns.

The way of the new leader requires the rapid ability to adapt to change, under pressure, with increasingly compound emotional compression as our world changes.  We are experiencing rapid shifts in our awareness, even as intense technology is speeding up our internal processing unit – our brain and its connection to our heart.  Our nervous system can overload as we have to integrate more and more information.  And we experience what I call “brownouts” as we cannot always keep us…and seek to slow down.

Joy has developed a proprietary self-leadership model that is based on Joy’s proprietary achievement science called Intentional BioEnergetics (IBE) (or harnessing the power of your life force energy and passion to change course, to achieve productive results faster).

This model is a living systems model of understanding the ebbs and flows of natural life (and of achievement) as things develop from an idea to a concept, to a product, to the disintegration, expansion, or revolution of the product to the next level.  It is a kind of birth, growth, death, and rebirth process.

This natural systems understanding integrates with the human need to grow, achieve, and become fulfilled in our lives.  The concepts of intentional visionary action with the mechanics of understanding how the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life allow us to see that we all are inevitably expanding and contracting as we all move through time and space.    Joy’s 9-step model shows how natural change is inevitable, and then how this relates to our personal lives, to our professional and even our non-physical world where we can only talk about the body/mind/spirit worlds.  Joy’s concepts are fresh, new, and are all about tapping into personal passion, living systems, and achievement.  Her talks apply to self-awareness type audiences and especially to free enterprise-focused or activist groups.

2015 Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community

This booklet for Whatcom County Voters was co-authored by Joy with Irene Morgan, the Founder of the Restorative Community Coalition.  We teamed up to research and produce this is visionary approach to do a social-economic-civic turnaround for the voters of Whatcom County – to provide choices.   The research was done by members of the Restorative Community Coalition to show the community how it is possible to reverse our economic tax addiction to jails as a negative economic driver of our local economy.

The Coalition has found that the jail industrial complex is literally traumatizing and harming the poor and people who have experienced misfortune in our community – at their point of vulnerability – in a crisis.  One ripple effect is how the entire family is then thrown into poverty under investigation.  Then, the impacts ripple out to  marginalizing our middle class and small businesses while expanding the co-dependence of the government expansion.  Then it needs more taxes to build facilities, destroying the social fabric while funding the development of the School to Prison pipeline.

This booklet was written after Joy had done 5 years of research into the privateering business model, and as Joy Gilfilen was a candidate for Whatcom County Executive.  She found that the denial factor was high, and she needed to show the public that there were options to not build a massive expanded regional jail project in Whatcom County.  We could rebuild our safety net, fix our mental health programs, provide housing programs – all at a fraction of the cost of arresting, jailing, traumatizing and creating homelessness, joblessness, and complex poverty and mental health systems.

Appreciating Society Chart – Early Hypothesis from 2010

This chart is about the economic physics of reversing mass incarceration.  It acknowledges that our community is operating with a depreciating economic model driven by jailing, and traumatizing people on the left column.  On the right column it show how we can reverse the costs and outcomes to the taxpayers if we change what we do in our community at the point of an arrest.  When we do an interception, we can completely change outcomes for many people, and build an “APPRECIATING” society business model for the community.  This Appreciating Society Chart was produced by Joy Gilfilen after listening to over 24 speakers and 84 people discuss the problems we had in our County – people who attended the Community Visionaries Opportunities Conference in Bellingham, WA in 2010.

Joy Riders – Theme Song for the JoyGilfilen and JoyTalks

Joy Riders is the theme song that inspires people to team up with Joy to bring conscious change, civic leadership and personal activism together.  Joy originally wrote it, then Shawn Gallaway and Joy collaborated on it to this version.  It was used to inspire some of the thinking to create first the Joy Talks Radio interviews, and now to inspire the Cosmic Cowgirl and the Joy Riders to speak out about troubleshooting civic problems so we can turn them into opportunities to transform our future!

Joy recognizes that fueling energetic feelings is part of the process of manifesting change in our world – so she built a song that would inspire others to team up all around the world with joyful gusto, passion to put love in motion!  So here it is!  Enjoy it!  Shawn is an internally recognized singer-songwriter who has written and performed many theme songs for others.  Joy and Shawn teamed up to produce the film ChoicePoint – Uniting Creatives with Love and Vitality; to produce Shawn’s album Livin’ Love, and to produce the concert called Conscious Music, Conscious Nashville in 2011!

Since that time, Shawn has received two international peace song awards!

The Impacts of an Arrest Cause Mental Health Symptoms within Hours

#2 BLINDSPOTS – PreConceptions Revealed by the Jail Trauma Study

Talking about a key unexpected finding – that people sustain extreme shock and trauma in the first 24-72 hours after an incident happens that leads to an arrest and jailing.  This is way before they get a defense attorney. This is the key to reducing harm caused after a 911 call leads to an arrest. Why?  People reported similar extreme symptoms that are listed in a Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder definition. And most did not have these kinds of extreme conditions prior to the arrest and jailing.



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