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Joy Gilfilen is a change agent by nature, early learning and 40 years of practice.  Joy is a public speaker by skill, a trailblazer by craft, and a revisionary civic leader by trade.  She is driven by a desire to empower people to become the best they can be, so they can give back to the world the best they have to give and fulfill their own destiny as they desire.

Over time, Joy developed The Joy Methods, a set of multi-purpose revisionary trade tools, tutorials and trainings to help simplify the process of diagnosing complex human behaviors and pattersn as they relate to civic  systems dynamics and hidden relationships and patterns that show up when you look for them.  Joy has sorted the information into several different learning styles for different types of people:

  1. JoyTalk podcasts engage participants to figure out how to turn civic predicaments into enterprising opportunities.
  2. JoyThinks is for studying research articles, charts and paradigm shifting ideas that allow reflection and cross-examination.
  3. Trailblazing Tools for Leaders is the toolkit for hands-on learner mechanic type leader who just wants to jump in and get it done.  This divides into three more categories – Intentional Change, Public Leadership, and Civic Systems Troubleshooting.

In 2020, Joy is now upgrading her enterprising solutions to help civic leaders revise and re-purpose our police and law enforcement systems, the jail and privateering industry, the law and justice court system(s).  These are complex systems that must all move together, since every system is intertwined.

Top Leadership Actions in 2019:

  • Quantum Leadership Using the Natural Change Model is a chapter published in the bestselling business book Cracking the Rich Code.  Co-Authors Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington are international experts in free enterprise leadership and invited Joy to bring forth her wisdom from forty years of business achievement.  The goal was to bring a 30,000′ high performance leadership view to the readers.
  • Blindspots: Unexpected Findings from Jail Trauma Research – Joy created this ethnographic research report to illustrate how people who get arrested often experience a deep fear or “split-brain” impact in the first 24-72 hours of an arrest.  The intense stress traumatizes them, and then the shock compounds and creates symptoms of mental illness or dysfunctional behavior.Conclusion:  This study revealed to Joy the hidden mental health problem created by an unexpected arrest that started out as a call to get help solving a problem.  If feels like a excruciating betrayal that is hard to talk about.Note:  What starts as a 911 call, compounds into seismic and commercial impacts on our society that people don’t see.  In America, the Vera Institute of Justice reports that 12 million people are arrested each year – mostly for non-violent issues.  This is spawning a huge grow in jails in small towns.  And the side-effects are causing extreme demands for more taxes, and an increase in homelessness, poverty, dysfunction, joblessness and ill health.  This doesn’t work.
  • As a direct action, Joy ran for office as a Candidate for Whatcom County Sheriff.  She uncovered alot about the extraordinary level of power a Sheriff controls.  To Joy, this was the only way to level the playing field to force transparent public debate about how the incumbent Sheriff had been using that power.Joy found that our Sheriff is not working the streets.His is a largely political prowess position where he sits on all kinds of task forces, and in effect controls the justice system by administrative decree as Chief Executive Officer; and as the Sheriff he also runs the jail.The Sheriff’s power, privilege and prestige is out of public control, and his department controls the press, he data, controls 65% of the taxpayers dollars, buys military style equipment,  contracts with jail builders to create plans to expand the market for prisoners.

    As such he has the authority to abuse power, for he is protected from being held accountable to the taxpayers by sheer status.  He is protected from liability by insurance.  Protected from lying or abuse of power by the force of the entire legal power of the Whatcom County Prosecutor’s office – for they are the corporate attorney.  They protect the corporation against lawsuits.

    Advantages:  During the campaign he got to give dozens of reports to the citizenry, that technically were not campaign talks – they were Sheriff’s reports.By contrast, Joy demonstrated to the voters a different way to run the office.  Joy promoted a “Peace Officer” culture that “served and protected” citizens.  She ran on a “Prevention 1st – No New Jail – No New Tax” platform.  She recommended cutting 50% of the jail occupancy rate, separating the jail from the control of the Sheriff, and establishing public health programs that help families under stress deal with crisis conditions in a way that makes people better citizens and more functional.

For a more in-depth looks at Joy’s advocacy and leadership work, go to TheRestorativeCommunity.org or click on JoyThinks.  You will discover research findings, investigative citizen journalism articles, opinion pieces, public testimony, reports, videos of debates and campaign materials from when she hosted panels, ran for Whatcom County Sheriff, launched the Local Justice Reform Now Political Action Committee, or campaigned against the Jail Sales Taxes in 2015 and in 2017.

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