After 40 years of being a high level producer in leadership development for enterprising people, Joy developed a 21st Century leadership coaching process for helping her family and others to build emotional resilience under pressure.   Based in ancient wisdom, yet designed to handle the speed, scope and size of change today – it is a simple model that you can use anytime to handle fear, pressure and complexity.

Designed for parents, civic or business leaders, or for teenagers and activists – this model is about understanding your own inner power to influence yourself first.  Then, armed with that power of internal resilience, we learn how to use that power to influence others in an authentic and powerful way.  Why?  Because in the middle of the process, we learn how power, privilege, and passion truly work and affect the world around us.

During this 5  week online course, learn how to see the world in a very simple, yet profound way.  You will be able to take complex issues and boil them down into 5 simple steps  to help yourself, and help others, take back control of their own life.  Even when the world around us tilts out of control.

At each session you will learn new skills, then will practice how to use the tools to get better results.

Interactive coaching helps us to see how the model adapts to different conditions, and how it works in real time…especially for elder women of influence who can use the leadership tools to help their grandchildren successfully adapt to the world they are inheriting.

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Type in the Early Bird Price of $127.00 followed by your E-Mail Address or your phone number, and it will walk you through the registration process.  If it is after Oct. 5, then your price is $147.00.

I look forward to meeting you online on Oct. 15, 2018 at 11 AM Pacific Time.  You will be getting a confirmation and information by email.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve!

Here is a copy of the 2nd page that includes the list of what you will receive as you embark on this adventure with me!