Quantum Leadership based on the Natural Change Model

It is a body of naturally emotionally intelligent work Joy has pioneered and developed over the past 50 years in business.  She created it to help her manage the speed and complexity of change as she grew in capacity as a leader, businesswoman, mother and citizen activist. 

Joy used her background from the farm to help her solve complex city problems in public situations where innovation was demanded.  She  tested it in multiple industries.  It works with alacrity in business and it has helped many other  innovative, creative and trailblazing people solve complex issues. It is based on simple principles, so it works in personal achievement, politics, family management, with systems design, programs, economics, civics and more.

    Five Fundamental Elements – Five Leadership Modules

     Values to Vision – The Movement Process

    Values are at the foundation:  There is a basic philosophy of how nature manages the universe naturally that lays a basis for understanding all the upper level modules. This is followed by three separate, yet interconnected moving parts:  1) Body – the very physical science that underscores it, 2) Mind – the biology that explains how things work across various platforms, and 3)  Spirit – the physics comprehension for how it works dynamically.  Then from the top-down Visionary level is a whole-brained systems comprehension, analysis and diagnostics method.  

    The Joy Method then is a formula in the end.  The three parts in the middle are what we work with daily in the moment.  The Values and the Vision are like the past and the future – creating a compression chamber for daily work.  This produces a systematic, comprehensive, natural way of being able to look at change as a movement.  It enables us to see exceptionally complex problems through a diverse human lens so problems can be solved with less waste of human emotions, better use of resources and more humanely simply because the work is based on human nature in the first place.   

    1) BODY 

    The Science of Intententional BioEnergetics is based on a deep cellular understanding of who we are as humans.  We are made up of 70 trillion cells that generate, conduct, transmit and receive life force energy constantly.  Therefore, we are emotionally intelligent, responsive and reactive to the world around us. 

    2) MIND 

    The Biology of Influence is about understanding how we are creatures of habit, training and beliefs.  We influence and are influenced by the constantly changing world around us.  We are reactive and responsive to changes in culture, markets, news, businesses, people, practices and knowledge as times change.

    3) SPIRIT 

    The Physics of Intentional Change is a way of seeing how we can predict, manage, direct, correct and cause change in waves of creative power.  It is about harnessing the collective emotional intelligence of collaborators to inspire exponential movement and engage natural forces of change for productive purpose.

    Cracking the Rich Code  is a new book being released in April, 2019 by a team of authors led by Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington.  Joy is a co-author with the chapter Quantum Leadership Using The Natural Change Model.   This book is the beginning of a free enterprise innovation movement and lays the groundwork for local living systems enterprise development. Click here to Order!