Success over DistressLearn the secrets to muscle testing and emotional stress release – even about anxiety and addictions! In four days you can take Stress Release 1, 2 and 3 to get personal relief, and then you can complete the series to be certified and trained as a practitioner under the direction of Dr. Wayne Topping, one of the pioneers in the biokinesiology industry.

(8 credit hours) – $100 – July 17 – 9-5

“We will explore how individuals respond to stress and the physical, emotional, and behavioural effects of unresolved stress.
– Muscle testing will be used to identify that stress, and confirm when it has been released.
– Learn how to use statements to be more specific, and to identify when there is conflict between the two brain hemispheres.
– This is an ideal class if you have no previous muscle testing experience, or you want simple yet very effective tools to eliminate your emotional stress, or you want to feel comfortable and more effective working with your clients’ emotional issues.”

8 Credit Hours – $100 – July 18 – 9-5

“You will be taught further tools to eliminate emotional distress, to empower yourself and to break negative habit patterns. Then you will learn how to apply these Stress Release 1 & 2 procedures to assist you in achieving your goals, managing your time more effectively and ending procrastination now. Finally some simple procedures to eliminate tension in the neck/shoulders and low back.”

16 Credit Hours – $100 – July 19-20 – 9 to 5 (two days)

“Psychologist Dr Roger Callahan introduced the world to a relatively simple yet very effective protocol to eliminate phobias and the anxiety that often underlies addictions. Probably more importantly, he discovered a simple way to identify and correct for psychological reversal and massive reversal, major ways in which we sabotage ourselves. Just as fear can become stuck to give rise to phobias and anxiety, so too other emotions can become stuck creating anger, rage, hostility, grief, depression, mournfulness, etc. We’ll explore the relationship of these emotions to the Law of Five Elements and modify Callahan’s approach to get these emotional states unstuck. Those of you working with clients will probably use these procedures daily once you have been taught how they work!”
This series of courses starts with Stress Release 1, and then builds on itself. It is highly integrated hands-on training to help you understand how your body works, and what you can do in a moment’s notice to help you cope – whether you are in front of an audience, or dealing with a family matter! Come learn from one of premiere trainers in the world to help yourself and your clients achieve better results.

Attendees of Stress Release 1 & 2 receive a copy of Wayne’s book, “Success over Distress – Using Muscle Testing to Help you Master Your Fears, Expand your Awareness, and Reach your Full Potential!” With Stress Release 3 you receive the book, “Defusing Stuck Emotions.”

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Cost is $100 per class. The series cost is $265 if you register for all three courses (4 days) and you will receive 32 continuing education credits and certification.

Personal note…Wayne is a world adventurer, peak performance mountain climber, and lives on the other side of the world! He is entertaining, and an extraordinary instructor! You will be thrilled at what you learn and can apply all around your world! Look forward to seeing you!

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