Speaker:  Facilitator-Coach of The Joy Method

Joy is a Train-the-Trainer certified speaker/facilitator who works with clients to maximize their collective human resources. Joy has developed a highly integrated mapping, timelining and strategic diagramming method to help people comprehend the speed and volume of change today – so they can keep their feet under pressure and stay focussed on productivity, not conflict.

Over 40 years, Joy has produced hundreds of events, conferences, trainings and workshops for both professional and non-profit audiences.  Joy is a business consultant who has served as a professional sales and leadership trainer, program director of professional clubs, developed corporate training programs.  She has put together national speaking tours, hosted trade events and conferences with thousands of people attending over a 7-day period.

Keynote and Conference Speaking

 Joy’s specialty is talking to audiences about why it is critical to learn how to adapt to market changes even under stress – and to do it with enthusiasm!  Joy works in three realms – for personal change, for collaborative or business change, and for civic and community change.  While she has three category topics she works with you to design a specific programs for your group.

These are some pre-prepared options:  

  • Flipping the Joy Switch: Emotional Resilience Training turns fear-mongering into passionate power and creativity.
  • ReImagining Your Future:  Vision, purposeful leadership and Intentional Change tools yield delightful opportunities.
  • Quantum Leadership:  Integrating leadership, conflict innovation and systems trnsformation.  This program is especially designed for elected officials and civic leaders.  It can be done as a talk, or as a 3-Day mastermind.  It is a hands-on targeted training program for diagnostics mapping and strategic thinking for complex situations.  

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2019:   JoyTalks: Civics – Podcasts for Quantum Leadership Skills

Subscribe to Joy's Podcast Series

Joy has developed a way to provide ongoing and up to the minute podcasts on a regular basis at Patreon.com/JoyGilfilen.  You can get access to special offers, download all her past episodes, subscribe to any of her three channels as they come available: 

  • JoyTalks: Vitality is about the Science of Intentional BioEnergetics (how you work)
  • JoyTalks: Leadership is about the Biology of Influence (how the world works)
  • JoyTalks: Civics is about the Physics of Intentional Change (how you can change the world)

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DVD: Flipping the Joy Switch Introducing Simple Tools for Emotional Resilience!

Joy has produced proprietary training materials and field leadership tools to use with the The Joy Method including the Natural Change Model, the Joy Triangle Model, the Intentional Change Model and personal and professional quantum leadership tools.

Flipping the Joy Switch – Introducing the Joy Triangle Model – is the first multi-media training  tool for building emotional resilience.

DVD:  “ChoicePoint –
Uniting Creatives with Love and Vitality” with Shawn Gallaway!

Artisans are Changing the World  by inspiring emotional intelligence!  Shawn Gallaway has shown that with his songs I Choose Love  and ChoicePoint! 

When Joy saw them performed at a conference where Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden were speaking, Joy met and decided to produce this concert with Shawn Gallaway!  

ChoicePoint – Uniting Creatives with Love and Vitality is a film about how Shawn became an international singing troubadour – and illustrates how artisans can become leaders of global impact.