Anybody up for having some fun with our Live Auctioneer – Jim Wynne!  Sunday afternoon come join us at the new Frank ‘n Stein Pub and Hub for civic engagement!  It will be my delight to help rope in some great funds for the Restorative Community Coalition at the Spaghetti Luncheon and Fundraiser on April 7, 2019!  This is our Coalition’s first big public fundraiser!  We have been doing alot of work – and now it is time to celebrate!

Spaghetti Luncheon Fundraiser April 7

I have always wished I knew how to do auctioneering – and I still don’t – but I love working around people who do!  Gina Carlburg , the founder of the Adam Carlburg Memorial Fund is teaming up with the Restorative Community Coalition to host this benefit!  We have exciting things planned with our Live Auction!

Then you can have fun and get some great things from the Silent Auction, the Dessert Dash, and the Spaghetti Luncheon!  For example, we have retreats, bed and breakfast stays on the coast, beautiful artwork, jewelry and delicious gift baskets up for auction!

Bring your family for an exceptional Spaghetti lunch, with Garlic Bread and Caesar Salad!

We are planning to have a blast while raising money for a great cause — helping us help families who find their lives disrupted when unfortunate things happen, when mistakes are made and they find themselves with a family member, employee or colleague arrested!  Whether it is a small mistake or a big one – the impacts are big, and it throws entire families into trauma, chaos, and poverty in a minute!  It can take years to help the whole family dig out of the setbacks.

Our Coalition has been helping families since 2006 – and we now have offices, court navigator training programs, case interception processes, family support meetings and mentors – and so much more!  Come find out how you can help – and have fun doing it!

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Joy Gilfilen is a Quantum Leadership Expert who\\\'s spent 40 years in free-enterprise and business development. Her expertise include systems that help communities transform complex problems into simple and effective solutions.