“No one shall be given a sword until they know how to dance.” – Ancient Celtic wisdom.

This powerful one-day workshop is with Shawn Gallaway, a transformational healing artist, singer and songwriter from Nashville. Shawn has trained all over the world, and is skilled in the performance arts and in facilitating gender reconciliation and restoration workshops. He does men’s and women’s relationship work as well as cultural work with trauma recovery and deep conflict resolution.

– Move beyond old relationship and leadership patterns, myths, beliefs and projections into equality and the sharing of power.

– Sit in circles of men, circles of women and combined circles to share, listen and learn from each other and to communicate and hold space with respect, honor and dignity

– Exceptional for those who desire to heal the deep wounds of patriarchal/matriarchal/oligarchal conditioning between men/women/leaders

– Experience honoring and celebrating our unique differences and gifts, embracing diversity, creating equality, safety and trust in today’s relationships while becoming aware of the balanced Divine Femine and Divine Masculine energies within

Shawn will be here for a concert the night before and will be working with his friend, Joy Gilfilen to facilitate this workshop. It is an ideal workshop for anyone wanting to identify, integrate and then tap into their profound divine intelligence to get better results in their lives. And it is especially good for people who are activists, leaders, or entrepreneurs seeking to find their way, or to blaze their trails in a challenged world.

Come join us! The all-day workshop fee is $100 and you can register by clicking here, or message Joy Gilfilen on FB. A limited number of scholarships are available upon request if you can demonstrate your desire/need and the space is available.

Bring your own lunch because we will stay in circle for the entire day.

Shawn has trained and performed with trailblazing masters such as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Robert Holden and many other spiritual teachers and healing artists. He has produced theme songs for many of the Hay House authors…and one of his featured songs on You Tube “I Choose Love” has garnered over a million hits. Shawn has produced multiple CD’s and DVD’s – including ChoicePoint – a concert CD produced at the Muse. He has performed for International Peace Day in London, and all over the world, especially serving the Unitarian, CSL, Unity and similar fellowships.

Please come join us…it will be life-changing, memorable, healing, provocative and inspiring. You will meet a whole different kind of joy..(pun intended). Our world will be a better place that you will have linked your inner masculine and your inner feminine inside to an understanding of what is happening in the world around you.

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Joy Gilfilen is a Quantum Leadership Expert who\\\'s spent 40 years in free-enterprise and business development. Her expertise include systems that help communities transform complex problems into simple and effective solutions.