Putting Quantum Leadership Skills to Work 

JoyTalks is a podcast series with three channels that are all about developing our emotional capacity to lead larger groups of people with more confidence: 

  1. JoyTalks: Vitality (about us as natural physical individuals)
  2. JoyTalks: Leadership (about our mental capacity to do things)
  3. JoyTalks: Civics (about our creative spiritual capacity team up)  

To harness our emotional power to change the world around us means we must first learn to convert fear driven energetic potential into more productive “joy energy” that is emotionally capable, abundantly creative and naturally courageous.  This is a quantum leadership skill of champions!     Here are samples! 

This series is specifically for community innovation.  In March, Joy launched a series of podcasts you can listen to online.  JoyTalks: Civics a the first podcast series featuring discussions that solve systemic community problems. These visionary conversations are game-changing, for they reveal inherent fractures caused by system failures, homelessness, joblessness, poverty, mental health and drug addiction – and then transforms the situation to uncover the local opportunities to implement restorative economics and build sustainable living economies. 

In April and May, Joy will be producing a follow-up series called JoyTalks:  Personal and JoyTalks:  Leadership.  Both are about how to use your inherent inner passion and purpose to build emotional resilience under stress and pressure while working on the leading edge of change.  Click Here to see a full range of JoyTalks.  You can learn more and stay up to date on these releases at

Subscribe to Joy's Podcast Series

Joy has developed a way to provide ongoing and up to the minute podcasts on a regular basis at  You can get access to special offers, download all her past episodes, subscribe to any of her three channels as they come available:

  • JoyTalks: Vitality is about the Science of Intentional BioEnergetics (how you work)
  • JoyTalks: Leadership is about the Biology of Influence (how the world works)
  • JoyTalks: Civics is about the Physics of Intentional Change (how you can change the world)

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Historical Recordings

This podcast style is an upgrade from past attempts to engage the public in civic education.  (See below recordings for some background).  Joy has learned that:

  • People have limited time to attend meetings like the generations before us did. 
  • Others have shorter attention spans and learn in segments.
  • Some don’t have time to learn in depth knowledge in multi-hour lectures.  The knowledge is too dense.

Joy’s objective is to invite people of different learning styles to engage in civic change.  So she changed her style, her language, her approach to delivering content.  It is now designed to suit people who have different ways they can take in information: 

  • Listen:  As a driver, runner, or busy homemaker or employee who can listen to audio – these podcasts are spoken for the purpose of listening. 
  • Read:  If you are a visual learner who likes to get to the bottomline – read the audio on high speed and skim to get the key points.
  • Examine:  If you like big picture, whole brained  schematics to “see the point” just open the diagrams.  Or you can open the pictures and simultaneously listen to the audio and watch for the graphs that illustrate the spoken word.   

Recordings Prior to 2019

Here are a few samples of older versions as Joy was learning to speak on the three different topics. 

This provides insights into how The Joy Method has developed over time.  The context, websites and references have changed – but the fundamentals of learning reflect how people think, learn and perceive things over time.