Learning to Pivot – Emotional Navigation Tool

Triangulating fear and converting it into an emotionally powerful joy response.

This is the basic training for all the Personal Development.  This the Joy Triangle Model that helps people SEE how to get out of the fear story trap that preys on lack of confidence.  It is a way to understand how to pivot towards productivity using joy as your emotional power.

Joy has produced proprietary training materials and field leadership tools to use with the The Joy Method including the Natural Change Model, the Joy Triangle Model, the Intentional Change Model and personal and professional quantum leadership tools.

Flipping the Joy Switch – Introducing the Joy Triangle Model – is a DVD available online…it is a multi-media training  tool for building emotional resilience.

Author Details
Joy Gilfilen is a Quantum Leadership Expert who\\\'s spent 40 years in free-enterprise and business development. Her expertise include systems that help communities transform complex problems into simple and effective solutions.