Joy Gilfilen

Host of JoyTalk civic radio, Joy is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, publisher, producer and author who has developed specialized skills in community leadership development.  Joy has produced Transformational Change Technology(TM) tools and living systems business management methods for helping leaders and groups of people transform complex civic problems into opportunities for enterprising change.

Joy has been a Free Enterprise Consultant since the 1970’s and has a track record of trailblazing leadership.  She has worked as a solo-entrepreneur herself and has coached other entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and community organizations to transform under pressure while simultaneously expanding their reach and improving their results.

Joy Gilfilen as a Speaker

Speaker, Producer& Conference Facilitator

Stop Bullying Workshop, Choices & Consequences Panels, Snookeries Training – 2006-2016

Vibrant Futures Conferences –  2011 – 2012

Conscious Music/Conscious Nashville Sponsor – 2012

International Peace Day Event– 2011

Community Visionary Opportunities Conference – 2010

Social Media for Social Change Conference – 2010

Quantum Leap and Train the Trainer Programs – 2004-2005

Rainforest Success Tours & Train the Trainer Seminars – 2001-2003

Member CEO Space International and Graduate Peak Potentials

Hosted Leadership Seminars, Speeches and Workshops since the 90’s

JoyTalk Radio

Joy Gilfilen as a Writer

Author, Publisher & Media Maven

Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community – Handbook – 2015

Noble Cause Corruption – Whatcom County Case Study/Investigative Report – 2015-2016

Flipping the Joy Switch – Emotional Resilience Training (DVD) – 2009

ChoicePoint – Uniting Creatives with Love & Vitality with Shawn Gallaway (DVD) – 2010 – community networking platform – 2004 – 2015

Uniting Creatives Four Pillars Waterfront Development Project – 2012

Rainforest Success Leadership Train the Trainer (Audios/Booklet) – 2002-2004

Vital News (Newsletter) – 1994-2000

Discover the Diamond Within (Newsletter) – 1994-2000

For the Productive Woman (Magazine Column)

Plus dozens of freelance and commercial articles, sales tools, manuals and booklets published since 1972.

Joy Gilfilen as a Leader

Integrated Systems Leadership Projects

Intentional BioEnergetics – Science of Leadership Excellence – 1996 +

Intentional Change™ Systems – Entrepreneurial Training – 2004 +

Integrated Systems Team Trainings – National Teleseminars – 2000 +

FunDaMentals of Network Marketing  – Business Training – 2002

9 Key Things – Business Training – 2002

Rainforest Success Team – National Conferences, Turnkey Packages – 2002-2003

Rainbows of Joy – Organizational Development Training – 2000-2001

Distributor Empowerment Team Manual – National Distributor Training – 1992-1994

Restorative Community Coalition – 2010-2016

Fairhaven Historical District – 1983-1986

SPIE (Optical Engineering Company) 1986-1987