Joy Gilfilen is an entrepreneurial civic trailblazer who created The Joy Method – an interactive system of self-management, leadership and achievement tools called:

  • The Science of Intentional BioEnergetics  (about you)
  • The Biology of Influence (about the world)
  • The Physics of Intentional Change (about how you affect and are affected by the world). 

These tools, models, techniques and systems help in mapping out problems in a way they can be turned into opportunities.

The underlying philosophy is that nature works naturally, and we are part of nature, so we work naturally too.  At the base of the systems is a Natural Change Model that helps us understand the natural process of change – and then this model replicates exponentially (rather like nesting dolls).  Once we learn that – the rest comes easier. We learn that we are naturally an emotionally intelligent organism.  This makes it easier to understand how to help audiences navigate through emotional conflicts and manage intense change faster. 

The Joy Method was designed for independent thinkers, activists, parents and people who want to handle challenges and high stress in a more productive, effective way. The goal is always to help people improve their results in business, in communities and across entire industries.Joy is an author, speaker, business consultant and civic leader who uses her tools daily.  Today, Joy is turning these business practices into online training products that people can learn and use in their communities.

In the meantime, Joy is currently available as a business consultant, workshop facilitator and quantum leadership expert who loves to work with diverse groups of people to find innovative solutions to social-economic-civic change problems.   Go to: The Joy Method products to subscribe for news. 

Snapshot of Joy’s Professional History